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What do existing stockists have to say about us?

“The Hair Oil is natural, it gets repeat orders and it works. In
Cork it has a loyal customer base and we have people
walking into our pharmacy asking for it. Customers are also
recommending to others.”
Edward O’Riley
Owner of O’Reilly’s Pharmacy – Cork (Ireland)

“Our clients really love the Hair Oil and their hair is growing
back fast”
Andeiya Veladeyoni
Owner of Andeiya Salon – Wembley

“We have been selling Divine Herbal products for more than a year in our salon
and they are in great demand by all customer types who have provided a very
positive feedback about the way these oils have worked on their hair quality,
thickness and vitality. The Facial Serums especially are in high demand and we have
lots of loyal customers coming back to buy these products.”
Sadaf Arshad
Owner of Sadaf’s Hair & Beauty Studio – Pinner

“Clients have found that after they start using the Hair Oil they have more hair
volume. The Facial Serum has helped a lot of my clients with pigmentation
concerns. I highly recommend the serum to my clients for pigmentation related
problems on the skin!”
Anna Kabiry
Owner of Matrix Salon – Wembley

“Divine Herbal Hair Oil is excellent and works really well. Our clients have bought the product and have noticed great results and improvement to their hair growth. We use it in treatments as well and clients are happy with the product and the amazing results it delivers.”
Jyoti Parmar
Owner of Ladies Paradise Beauty Bar – Eastcote