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Q. Do you offer a money-back guarantee for Divine Herbal Hair Oil ?
A. Yes. Please see ‘Shipping & Returns’ section for full details.

Q. Where are you based & where do you ship to?
A. We are based in Bradford, UK and ship worldwide.

Q. Do I have to pay customs duties/taxes on my order?
A. UK and EU customers do not have to pay any customs duties or taxes on arrival of their package. In rare cases, some countries outside of the EU may be charged by their countries’ own authorities but you would need to check this with the relevant customs authorities for your country.

Q. Why do you only refund Divine Herbal Hair Oil and not any of the other products?
A. This is because the other products do not generally cause the hair to grow as the oil itself does. They are merely there to support and ensure better results from using the oil and to help increase and maintain its benefits. One example of this would be Divine Herbal Shampoo. Many people experience scalp sensitivities which result in hair loss, without realising that what is in their shampoo is causing this. SLS and SLES which are commonly found in most shampoo’s; have been proven to cause reactions in some people which can result in hair loss. Divine Herbal Shampoo is formulated without SLS, SLES, Sodium Chloride and Fragrance to ensure the least possible chance of a reaction that could lead to hair loss. This in turn would result in a more stable scalp enviroment for Divine Herbal Hair Oil to work.