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Q. Do you have any tips or suggestions on how to get better results?
A. Deep-massage the scalp for 5 minutes once-daily, as this encourages blood-flow to the scalp which is beneficial to the hair follicles and increases overall hair growth results.

Q. Can I use Divine Herbal Hair Oil during pregnancy?
A. Due to the stimulating aromatic properties of some of the oils, we do not recommend using Divine Herbal Hair Oil if you are pregnant.

Q. Is Divine Herbal Hair Oil suitable for both men and women to use?
A. Yes. It has been proven effective on the hair & scalp’s of both men and women, during tests and from feedback we have received from customers.

Q. What types of hair loss can Divine Herbal Hair Oil treat?
A. Divine Herbal Hair Oil is recommended for all types of hair loss, including male/female pattern baldness and Alopecia – whether on scalp, body or face. Even those who suffer from hair loss due to medication, usually notice at least some degree of improvement to the amount of hair they are losing. It also works on all age groups – we have seen results in very young children right through to people aged 70 and over.

Q. How do I use the Hair Oil on Alopecia?
A. For Alopecia (bald patches) on the scalp or beard we recommend dabbing a small amount onto the affected area every night and leaving on.

Q. I have Afro-Caribbean hair and cannot wash my hair regularly. How should I use it?
A. Due to the characteristics of Afro-Caribbean hair it is fine to just leave the product on the scalp and not wash it out.