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How Does Divine Herbal Hair Oil Work?

It’s a well known secret

For centuries, men and women all over the world have used the oils and extracts of plants & vegetables; native to their countries, to nourish and condition their hair and scalp

  • In Spain, Sweet Almond Oil has been cultivated and used to strengthen hair ever since it was introduced to the Andalusia region over 1000 years ago
  • In Provence – France, for centuries, Lavender oil has been widely harvested for its many therapeutic benefits, which include helping to soothe and invigorate the scalp
  • …Whilst over on the other side of the Atlantic ocean, in Brazil, Castor Seed Oil has been the secret of long, lustrous hair since the earliest times of South American human civilisation

All three have withstood the test of time for hundreds of years…

But when they are combined with the hair & scalp secrets of over twenty other countries…

The results are unparalleled

It’s Here!

For the first time, the potency of dozens of plant oils & extracts from countries across the world, have been combined to create a new, powerful synergy: Divine Herbal Hair Oil. The efficacy of each ingredient increased by the addition of the other ingredients.


Plant oils contain nutrients  and unique compounds that have numerous healing, repairing and other beneficial properties. These have been well-documented in various fields including aromatherapy, skincare and even medicine.  Each bottle of  Divine Herbal Hair Oil  contains 21 different carrier & essential oils, plus 10 high-potency botanical extracts.

— Each bottle contains: —

1. The base ingredient – carrier oils. A carrier oil is a vegetable oil derived from the fatty portion of a plant, usually from the seeds, kernels or the nuts.

—— followed by: ——

2. The additional ingredients – essential oils. An essential oil is a concentrated, aromatic, volatile liquid composed of small molecules. They consist of a complicated combination of naturally occurring chemicals which the plant itself produces through photosynthesis.

——— and lastly reinforced by: ———

3. Botanical extracts. These are substances with desirable aroma, or nutritive quality that are removed from the tissue of a plant.


It’s not just the ingredients alone that deliver the results. It’s the careful blending process which ensures the precise ratio of ingredients are present to work synergistically with one another. Due to the large number and types of oils in each blend, a very unique balance has to be maintained. This is why each batch of Divine Herbal Hair Oil goes through a strict manufacturing process to ensure the exact amount and concentration of ingredients are used in every production.
Together, these ingredients when massaged into the scalp, deliver their benefits through the epidermis to the individual hair follicles as per the diagram below


4-6 weeks: Reduced hair fall and textural changes along with greatly improved scalp health.

6-12 weeks: A continued reduction in hair shedding, scalp is healthier and there is a noticeable thickening of the hair shaft. For some, the first signs of hair regrowth may be noticeable. The overall quality of the hair should be vastly improved.

12-30 weeks: Many people will begin to notice hair regrowth and thickening of existing hair, along with greatly improved hair and scalp health.

30-52 weeks: Further hair regrowth, optimum overall hair quality and increased shaft thickness of hair.

52 weeks +: Continued hair growth. By this stage, usage can be brought down to just once per week to help maintain scalp and hair health.

Nature Vs Lab


Divine Herbal Hair Oil

  • No colours
  • Paraben free
  • Preservative free
  • 100% chemical & artificial ingredient-free
  • Zero side-effects as 100% natural
  • Fragrance-free
  • Pure botanical extracts used safely for thousands of years

Chemical-based hair growth formula’s*

  • Colours
  • Parabens
  • Preservatives
  • Chemicals, aswell & artificial ingredients
  • Potential side-effects in some individuals
  • Artificial fragrances
  • Lab-made chemical formulations

*based on a sample of ingredient labels from some of the leading hair growth products on the market