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  • I haven’t been using for that long but the results already look promising. Quick delivery too!
    Mr A. Hanson
  • The Divine hair oil is something I enjoy using twice a week as it has good aromatherapy benefits too and makes me feel relaxed and invigorated. Hoping hair will grow back as already from using this oil it has stopped falling…
    Mrs T.B. Khan
  • Fantastic product! Have not used long and can already see new hair appearing. Brilliant product. Try it, you have nothing to lose!!
    Mr V. Jones
  • A herbal smell – a bit strong for few minutes maybe, then it disappears. Apart from that it is great. This might last me a few months if I use it each week. My hairs is stopped falling from using this oil and is growing too. Also makes it very shiny and gives it body
  • Fast delivery. Smells nice. Not greasy. Oh and I believe its working too!!!!
    Sam S
    25th April 2011
  • This works brilliantly. I tried so many lotions/sprays for hair loss but this is all that worked. Highly recommended product if you have thinning hair or cannot control hair from falling.
    Shabnam H
  • Hi! Not something that I would rush out to buy for the fragrance, which is not bad, but then not great either (glad it wears off in minutes). But I certainly would and have recomended to friends & family for its results on my hair, which had been falling non-stop for the past 2/3 years. I used many different store products, but never had any joy. I can see new hair is growing towards the front of my head. For its price and effect this is a true bargain. Don’t let the smell put you off, I know a friend who has used and loves the fragrance of it. Kudos to Divine Herbal for creating a truly natural and effective product.
    Sharon Myer
  • I would sure recommend this product to anybody who has hair that falls out and is thiining. It has made a lot of difference for my hair.
    Gülşen Polat
  • Hiya. We have used the Divine Herbal hair oil, it is very good. The hair stopped falling dandruff has gone less. I recommend this to all who’s hair doesn’t grow fast. So I really recommend this, so go for it! Thank-U
    Sobia A
  • I have noticed new growth where my hair was thin. It is well worth getting because it works. I have tried other things which have not worked but this oil has.
  • Really quick shipping. Used maybe two weeks but definately noticing less hair breakage & falling already. Will continue to use. The condition of my hair (shine/feel) is much better now too.
    MS A Lopez
    11 June 2011
  • Hello everyone, I’ve used the divine herbal hair oil and i can say within two week of use my hair loss has reduce dramatically. Its also very soothing. I would definately recomend it.
    Eva G.
    Manchester UK
    18th June 11
  • Very highly recommended product. I love that it is all natural and chemical-free. I use Divine on a near-daily basis. My hair does not fall as much as it did before. I can also see my hair is slowly growing back gradually and I’ve only been using less than 2 months. Love it.
  • I had a patch on my beard. The hair is growing back with divine hair oil.
    Mr J. Hamid
  • My husband has used the oil and says its very good. His hair feels very healthy and he is impressed. I now use this product too and it helps with dry, dull hair, after washing out my hair is fuller & full of volume. It conditions scalp & hair, definately one to try!
  • I have been using Divine oil since May 2011 and not only has my hair stopped falling completely but it’s also growing back pretty much all over my scalp. I used ‘Rogaine’ (known as Regaine in the UK I believe) and countless other treatment products before trying this. I actually feel some of them did more damage than good, possibly an allergic reaction to some of the chemicals which caused more hair loss, until upon a friends advice I tried Divine hair oil. This felt promising from the first application, natural and almost soothing. My hair stopped falling within 2 weeks. I will be recommending this to a lot of other people. My hair is saved and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. Thankyou!!
    Mr Carl Norton
  • Thanks for the quick postage & great product. No more hair falling for me. Going to have to wait a bit more to see my hair grow back but in just two weeks usage im very impressed already..
    Ms Abjoudi
    15th july 11
  • Brilliant results in the last month but my only slight gripe is it doesn’t come in a travel size, as I am always travelling this can be tricky because the bottle is glass and not too suitable to take in suitcases. Wish it came in a smaller plastic container version too. otherwise I love the results I have achieved and will continue to use. By far the most effective hair loss product I have tried.
    Jade S
  • I’ve been using hair oil for 3 months now and feel it has really worked. my hair is thicker and a lot more healtheir, would definately reccomend.
    Mrs C
    27th July ‘11
  • I have been using the oil for two weeks, it has dramatically reduced my hair loss and has actually reduced the frizz in my hair. I would definately recommend it for people – all hair types.
  • Hi all.. been meaning to write a testimonial for a while, got my chance! I never thought it would work until my friend who has alopecia tried it and got her hair back on patches that it had gone. I brought it next and got the same results for thinning hair plus my hair isn’t even frizzy, the quality of my hair is much better. Winner!
  • Just a quick line or 2 to say thanks for making such a effective, natural product. My hair is saved!!!
    Ms. Julia Begonia
  • Buy for sister-in-law. Great result from her. product she say actually works. very reccommend if your hair thin or fall too much.
    Soo Young
    Seoul – S.Korea
    20 August 2011
  • The “Divine Herbals” shampoo is the best thing I have used on my hair. It is so mild it feels almost silky and using it every 2 days and the “OIL” now my hair and my scalp are healthy, silky and never looked/ felt so good. I used to have itching and my hair itself would look dry but its now a hundred times better! I wish I could buy from where I live. I hope you will bring it to Italia (Italy) soon
    Giuseppe Rossi
    Salerno (Campania)
  • After trying various products from leading brands we decided to give the herbal hair oil a try. After so many times of using products in the price range from £50-£100 we realised nothing worked better than the oil. At its price it is value for money and a must have for all those with issues regarding they hair. We noted a difference within 2/3 weeks. It is AMAZING.
    Noshin Kosar
  • This is working just great. It arrived in no time too. Thanks.
    Mrs Keane
    14th September 2011
  • Dear Divine Herbal Your hair oil has worked for me!! Let me put it this way… I was almost bald and i now have a head full of tiny hairs and that only took months of use. I still cannot believe it. I gave up after using Regaine for 4 months, I had also taken Saw Palmetto capsules b4 that and tried Nourkin hair treatment programme and Natur vital (shampoo, serum and treatment). None of these made a difference… I am very grateful for your product! God bless!! Warmest regards.
    Andrew Lawson
  • Hello. Excellent product! 10 out of 10. I feel it is helping me, maybe it could smell nice but okay as it is does not really smell of much.
    Riga – Latvia
    1 October 2011
  • Used the oil and shampoo and after 2 weeks of using it my hair stopped falling out, i had a baby and due to that it was getting bad, now its much better would recommend this to anyone with this problem.
  • Its been brilliant for my hair. Im still using it so hopefully it will work more for my hair…
    13 October 2011
  • On behalf of my cousin, started using the hair oil and after 4 weeks he saw dramatic improvement and his hair has now slowly started coming back and is looking in great condition. I highly recommend. My cousin by the way age 34 years old
    Sobia A
    West yorks
    15th Oct 11
  • A warm ‘HI’ from South Africa & also a BIG thankyou for the DIVINE HERBAL OIL. My hair has been totally restored. 100% hair back. I only knew about this product as a friend of myself who lives in England (Nottingham) knew someone who was using it and got results so i was tempted! She said i should also try it. Now i am very glad i did!!! THE BEST.
    South Africa
  • Am pleased with the hair oil. My hair was very fine and patchy, have been using it for a few weeks and can see the difference, and I am very pleased with the results!
    Brenda C
    November 1st 2011
  • Very well packed/nice smel/ not greasy. perfect! Finding that my hair does not fall at all, any longer. will recomend to thers.
    Mr Kevin Jacobs
    20th November 11
  • The delivery was quick. I hope results will be good too.
  • My friend has used this hair oil, he is about 49 and recommended it to me. He said it stopped his hair loss and thickened his hair. I have got those same results too.
    Sousse – Tunisia
    28th Nov 2011
  • I’m very pleased with the hair oil. I am seeing a massive change and my hair seems to have got thicker. I am very happy and I would defo recommend.
    Saima Parveen
    1st December 11
  • I started using Divine Herbal oil over 12 weeks ago. I am very happy with the result, my hair came back quick and they are thicker now than before (I had Alopecia). Thankyou.
    Nicosia – Cyprus
  • Great customer service. Well packed.
    Ms. Cassie Haughton
    Jan 1st 2012
  • Divine Herbal Hair Oil – Great for stopping split ends – I use it at night – wash it off in morning, not at all oily. Great for minimising hair loss. Would definately recommend.
    Lina Haushka
  • hi, i got it for my brother aged 24, he was thinning out badly on the scalp area. After using for 5 month’s regularly he has thin growth where he had bald patches. Definatly reccomend it.
    Mrs Laurie. D.
    Sao Paulo – Brazil
    19th January 2012
  • I purchased Divine hair oil which has helped with preventing it from falling out. The condition of the hair has improved. I am certainly going to continue using it. My hair is not going grey as fast. The shampoo and Boosting treatment oil are also very good.
  • I have found the condition of my hair is much better after using the hair oil. I use it just two times per week and I can already see results (it hasn’t even been a month!) I will definately suggest to others to try.
  • Hi. I started using Divine Herbal Oil over 2 week ago. already thickened hair to scalp. decrease in hair loss. Amazing product. A must buy for all hair problems.
    Karen Sheldon
    15th Feb 2012
  • I have used Divine Oil for only three weeks , my hair has gone really nice and silky and it has reduced hair loss. Before using this oil my hair was dry like straw and breaking. I had a lot of hair loss. I am really happy with the result as I spent a lot of money on my hair like the brazilian treatment for £100 but it didn’t work. This oil did work. I would recomend it to anyone who would want beautiful hair.
  • My hair began to fall in patches one year ago. I went to my doctor, she told me it has the name of ALOPECIA AREATA. She said there was no cure. Now from the last month there are not any longer patches on my head. My hair has grown back much (70%) with using DIVINE HERBAL HAIR OIL. I use mostly every night. It is a fantastic product!
    Mr S. Tasci
    Duisburg – Germany
  • I tried this oil and it really worked. I am so pleased with the results. I would recommend it to anyone for hairloss. It arrived in only 2 days.
    3rd March 2012
  • I bought Divine Herbal hair oil for a male friend aged 36. he had thin hair on top of his head. he has been using the product for just over 12 weeks and is very suprised with the results. would definately recommend to other men.
    Ms N. Kaur
  • My hair started to grow stop breaking. really good oil it does not fall out no more
  • You probably won’t believe it, but after 2 weeks of usage I have my psoriasis spots disappear from my head! GOSH! Who could have expected such a stunning side effect! I’ve got 1,5 cm growth for the two weeks of using the oil – FAB!!!! Thank you, all of you reviews do say it true – it’s a real miracle. Feel free to use my reply for your site reviews page. I’ll be updating you further on!
  • Very good. Hair was falling out. after using the hair oil hair not dropping out as much, early days!
    Karan JJ
    Leicester – Uk
    10th Apr 12
  • I have been using Divine herbal oil for 2 months and my hair has gone thicker and stopped falling out much even though I have not used it on a regular basis, it still helped. I’m a male age 30. I would recommend it to everyone who is in my situation. Thank you very much!!
    Mark Wainright
  • My brother’s hair was thinning and this oil has improved the quality of his hair and has thickened it.
    10th May 12
  • Hi, i have been using Divine Oil for the last 6 months on my daughter who has alopecia, using this oil has made her hair thicker and where the bald patches were new thick hair has started to grow.
    Mrs D Hassan
    Luton, bedfordshire – 13/05/12
  • I have a niece who is 9 years old, she has no hair no were at all nor the head legs etc. I used nita herbal and lots more places some even said it is black majig. now i came here and brought Divine herbal and all she has grown some eye brows and some hair. She hasn’t had no hair since 4 years.
    Ms Rozanda
    Mexico City
    20 May 2012
  • I have been using Divine hair oil for 5 weeks, my hair is thicker, shinier, split ends have finished too!
  • Hiya.
    We have used the Divine Herbal hair oil, it is very good. The hair stopped falling, dandruff has gone less. I recommend this to all who’s hair doesn’t grow fast. Very much worth it!!
    Sobia Akram
    Dewsbury – 02/06/12
  • I got new hair growth! Divine Herbal Hair Oil has really worked, I nticed within 6 months the new hair appeared and it has gone longer. It really works. Please try..
    Miss Rachel Armstrong
  • Hi. I am just writing to say a big thankyou for your products – especially the hair oil and booster treatment. As a result of using your products i do not have hair loss any longer. I could list the many things that i have tried in the past 10 years but it would be quite a long list haha! Well needless to say none of them worked. I think my hairdresser’s should stock this as so many people i know walk into Boots and pick up synthetic products with horrible side effects (I have been there!) and they think those are the only options they have. Well i for one would like to see Divine oil in Boots. people should be given a choice between natural and un-natural products. Hopefully one day.. In the meantime i will be spreading the word! Thanking you again! x
    Thornton (Bradford)
    20th June 12
  • I’ve been using divine oil for nearly 2 months, my hair are getting thicker and they also have a shine to them, my hair no longer look dry and dull.
    Karen Wu
  • My hair was getting brittle, dry and were falling, since using the oil it has made a huge difference, hair feel softer and have stopped falling. Would recommend the product.
    11th July 2012
  • My brother-in-law loosing hair, near bald, shaved hair, applied oil and 4 months later growth appeared. Came back for more. It’s working, best buy. Before used various products not worked. Would reccomend to people.
    Mrs H. Samjhota
  • Hi. Yes it took a bit longer than i expected for it to work but the results were worthwhile. I will not be switching to any other product now. Also, not keen on the glass bottle as I’m afraid I might drop it so I have transferred to a plastic bottle. Other than that cannot fault the product. Thanks.
  • i have used this oil and made my hair longer and stopped from falling,
    Karen B.
    Cape Town
    South Africa
  • Hi there! I am dropping you a line to say i used the hair oil and booster for 6-7 months and within that time my hair completely stopped falling and i saw some new hair appearing too! In the past i had used many, many different products and laser therpay and none of that made a difference. A lot of money was spent there. please can you send me details of your wholesale program as i would like to stock this range and sell to my shop customers. I understand you do a wholesale deal. look forward to hearing back!!
    Mr Avinash Parmar
  • I’ve used the hair oil for just over a week and ive found it very helpful. I’ve noticed my hair full of bounce, my hair has never felt this good in years, a product well recommended and now that ive found it I’m not letting it go! The hair oil has made my hair STOP falling out.
    Joanna Smith
  • Hi. Yes i was too skeptical about if it would work. So many products for hair loss ou there but i didnt know which would work. I contacted Divine Herbal by email for their advice. They was helpful and polite and obviously cared about my results. Then i decided i will buy the product, it took a while to get here as customs held up my parcel for some reason but it was with me in 11 days which is not too bad! So i tried it and about 5 days later my hair almost completely stopped falling. I am now certain it will grow too but obviously i need to give more time. Throughout this i have emailed them many times and always quick reply and helpful. They have asked me to keep updated so i agreed – yes. So far very good!! I very much reommend. Sorry my English is not perfect!
    Many regards..
    Lucian D.
  • Ive never used hair oil before but using this divine herbal hair oil has stop my hair from falling out after having a baby. my hair is more soft, doesn’t fall out, feels more silky and smooth. would love to buy this again & again, very well known product thankyou. xxx
    Jijendra P.
    5th September 2012
  • Hello. I have been using the hair oil, shampoo and boosting treatment for 3 months and my hair have stop falling in chunks. I recommend this to be used.
    Marc Smith
  • Hi there, I still can’t understand how but my hair has grown back fully in not even nine months since I began using the hair oil. When a friend of mine suggested I try it (I think he wanted me to be the guinea pig lol) I though nahh ‘just another useless product’. How wrong was I!! Now my friend uses it too and has had good results aswell. Im only 23 so not even in the age bracket to have drastic hair fall but hey not any longer! Also, not even a third way through the 2nd bottle so THUMBS UP for value-for-money too!! Will last me nearly a year at this rate.
    Las vegas
  • Thanks Divine Herbal for the lovely product and for the quick postage. It got here today which is very impressive. Just applied and scalp feels soothed! Will be sure to update you later.
    Amanda D
    London – UK
  • AMAZING!!!!! I highly suggest anyone with hair problems gives this a go. In ONE use my hair almost completely stopped falling. I counted just 4 strands in the bathtub as opposed to 20-30 that I normally see. Can’t wait to see more results further down the road! Just had to let you know how its been so far. All the best..
    Miss Hansa Patel
    7th October 2012
  • Hi. Its a great product and will definitely recommend to all my friends. Thanks!
    Jenny H
    26th Oct 12
  • I have been using this for only 5 weeks and in that time I have to say my hair feels much healthier and itching of my scalp has settled. There is also less hair seen in the shower so it seems to have worked for the hair loss. Also, my hair is a bit thicker too. I can tell there is a slight difference already.
    Mohammed Khan
    West Yorkshire
  • Hello there. I am emailing to say that your hair oil is working and my hair is much improved when I compare to before. I use it only once a week and now it has been 7-8 months and my hair is thicker along with new little hairs that have appeared. I wish it came with a dropper and that is a little criticism as it is not so easy to pour this into my hand but I will keep using this.
    Ms A Kasabian
    10 November 2012
  • What a brilliant product, I really admit I wasn’t believing this would work but it has and I strongly recommend to others to try it out! I had got results using Propecia but I had to stop due to side effects. This is ten times better as I have had absolutely no side effects and I have got new hair back on my crown and temples and whatever hair loss I had has stopped too. What more can I possibly say? Usually if something seems to good to be true then it is, but this has changed my viewpoint on that. It actually works, just persevere with it (took me 4 months for max results). And I would also say don’t use it overly. I been using a couple of times a week and that was enough for me.
    All the best..
    Steve Humphries
  • Hi. Excelent product and can feel a difference with my hair.
    14th December 2012
  • A great product for increasing your scalp health overall. Not used for hair-loss issues (as I don’t have any, touchwood!) but just to improve my hair and scalp, so can’t comment on the hair loss aspect. I can certainly see a difference in my hair though and will re-purchase for that alone!
    Anne T
  • Hey, been trying so many products and not had any luck until now. I am female – 25 years of age and with thinning area on top of my head which was quite visible. I got this oil and booster treatment in summer last year and didn’t use it very often, but once I got into a routine I found that slowly my hair was growing – in length and also with baby hairs. They have lasted a very long time so worth the cost. The thin area on my head is maybe 60% less visible than before. I can continue to use and then report back with any further feedback but very pleased so far and would recommend to others!
    Cindy Yip
    Hong Kong
    13th Jan 2013
  • Well I found this product in your London stockist and I don’t have hair loss so I am just use it for split ends and dry hair. it has most certainly made my hair healthy and nourished.
    A. Georgios
  • Hi. I did send a review in before but I don’t think it reached you. Anyhow, I started using the “hair oil” about approximately 5 or 6 months back. Only recently has my hair finally stopped shedding and signs of small hairs beginning to appear – just the early stages I guess. I don’t mind waiting so long as I get the results and I am happy to have them! Thanks for answering all my questions and getting back to me, otherwise I would have likely given up hope by now! For reference I am female, under 30 with thinning hair on top of my scalp. I have no underlying health conditions.
    Clare Martin
  • Hi..I stopped using Regaine and switched to the DIVINE OIL in August last year. I didn’t get any sheddin or adverse affects. what I did see was my hair felt better and also began to grow more. Right now it looks very healthy. On back of my head the area which was the worst is 60-70% less showing and there is nothing else I have done or changed so has to be this!
    Alan D.
    9th Feb 2013
  • Hello. I was just writing to say the shipping was very quick to us (6 days to U.S) and ive only used it once so far but noticed much less hair fall after that. Excellent product!!
    Eddie Colson
    Houston, Tx
  • Got this from my hairdresser in Wembley and been using 2 weeks. Not seen anything yet but all my hair isn’t dry anymore. I used morocan oil and another similar one before, cant remember name, but they only felt good for a while. once they were washed out my hair was the same, but your oil has an effect that stays. I have bleached and straightened hair many times so wasn’t in too good condition to begn with. Now its not transformed amazingly but there is quite a big difference already in its texture, and judging from my mums results who has been using it for a year, im sure I will have great hair too. P.s her hair is silky now and thicker, it has also grown past her shoulders 1st time in years. I will keep you updated with further results. Thanks.
    Madhiya K
    London – UK
  • Hi. I heard about your products from a friend who had a big loss of hair within months and got it to stop with your products. I decided to try it too and am very pleased at the outcome. Please don’t ever discontinue your products. I have a few people in my family using it and apart from one of them, everyone loves it as much as I do and seen results.
    West Yorkshire
  • Thank you for your hair oil. Really pleased with its effect on my hair. Recommended.
    15th march 2013
  • Hi. Been using over 3 months and noticing my hair looks thicker and is healthier. Shedding has stopped too. Have used shampoo, boosting and hair oil. V good value as more than half of products still left. Thankyou.
    Will Ryan
  • Hi Devine herbal. I got my package the next day after ordering it. That is fast. Hoping the hair problem of mine will get better when i use it.
  • Hello dears. I am only writing for sying a thanks for the hair, shampoo and boosting. it is best after a long long time and new. Not good in english – i use google traduction. but almost its changed for better. There is not more dropping hairs. x
    Miss Noelia Márquez
  • Just a quick one to say how pleased i am with your hebral face treatment serum. Wow! In less than a week I am seeing a huge, big difference to my skin tone and post acne-marks. It is like i’ve been for a series of chemical peels…thats how good my skin looks and obviously without the side effects of peels or cost!! My skin has not looked this gud in YEARS! I like this product even more than your hair oil (which I loved & sent a testimonial for in november 2011) which is saying something!
    Saima Parveen
    19th April 2013
  • Hello. I recommend the Hair Oil for any lady who has had a baby recently and is losing hair. I live in Bradford so not far from the Divine shop and my sisters have been regular customers. I only recently had my second child and had extreme hair loss that would not stop. This product has got it under control in less than a month since i started it. Amazing stuff!
    Nusrat Bibi
    Bradford – West yorkshire
  • Hi, id just like to quickly say thanks for the hair oil. It is definitely working.
    Clive H Parker
  • Two words: ‘Effective product’! (Hair Oil) Havent yet been able to get hands on anything else as good as this…and ive tried them all!!!
    11th May 2013
  • Hi there. I love the FACE SERUM. My skin is glowing and there is a difference in marks ans under-eye within 2 weeks of using. Its so true what they say that natural is best! Who could have guessed something made without chemicals can give results better than all the strong products out there. I had used: Palmers fade, L’oreal white perfect, lightenex, bleach creams, everything you name it! all the strong ones made my skin look ecen worse then before and did not give a healthy look or feel to my skin. Will definitely be recommending the serum to all my friends n fam.
    Miss Shah
    Harrow ~ Middlesex
  • A brilliant product and was here the next day after ordering. Very pleased.
  • Hello. At moment difficulty understand to use night but more better actually using day. More thick hair and the feel of nice conditions. Further use maybe for week and not on the night. This is good oil. Have so much friend to use.
  • I first started to use the shampoo, oil and boosting treatment in March this year (2013) and immediately felt some difference with my hair. First of, the condition of it was instantly better, more healthier and added shine. Into the third month, and the reason that i wanted to write; is there are small new hairs growing at the top left corner of my scalp, where I had lost some as of 8-9 years. I don’t know if it was Alopecia or some other condition but it was a small patch, maybe not that visible to everyone else but I could definitely tell. To have achieved this without resorting to drastic measures (yes that includes Regaine) is remarkable. Undoubtedly, I am very pleased and shall be forwarding pictures of the results once those hairs have grown sufficiently enough for you to see a difference.
    Mrs Emma Musa-Ali
  • Greetings. I have used the hair oil and would like to report back to you that it is making a difference. Its thicker than its been for years though I have used it for almost a year now. I feel the results get better the longer you use. I also like how economical it is to use. I am on just my second bottle which is very good value for money i must admit.
    Samuel D
  • Hi. The fastest delivery ever! Was also really neatly packed. Just begun using the hair oil and already one thing I found was my itchy scalp no longer itches. Its already won me over!
  • Hi there. I am now on my 5th week of using your facial serum and my skin looks better in many ways. Im guessing the fine lines around my eyes are 30% less than before. Loving the smell, and just how luxurious the serum feels. I only use a really small amount so my guess is this will last me for months. I am only using it for its anti-ageing benefits btw. I will soon try your Hair Oil too. Many thanks..
    Anil W
    July 1st 2013
  • THANKS for a excelent product. Delivery very quick too!
    Adam B.
  • Yes it has helped with certain skin complaints such as reducing the appearance of minor pock marks, helping with uneven skin tone around the chin, clearing blemishes and good face brightening effects including under eye circles.
    I have used pure rose hip oil before and though it helped with overall complexion it didn’t specifically target problem areas whereas this serum quite surprisingly has, it must be the combination of oils along with rose hip working synergistically like you’ve mentioned in product description.
    I’m really pleased with this product, has made me feel bit more confident about my skin and less reliant on make up.
    Miss Begum
  • Was pleased with how quicklt the parcel arrived & with sample to, thanks.
  • Hi. I have previously tried laser treatments to try and get back the hair on the top of my head. I had spent a lot of time and also a lot of money too but without any luck. Someone told me about your product and i thought ‘no harm in trying’. Well i got to say that in about five months it has somehow made the hair grow back in that area which is something i still can scarcely believe. I have not even finished the first bottles yet (using boosting and hair oil) so really feel these are amazing value for money. Many thanks!
    Mr Hamza A Khan
  • Hello. My hair is much more healthier and falling less. I suggest to anybody with same issue to give it a go.
    Tyler Jackson
    24th August 2013
  • Yesterday I placed an order for several of the Divine Herbal products and midday the next day they are already here!! Hope to see new hair growth just as fast too (joke).
  • A big thank you to ‘Sarah’ for sorting out my issue with payment and getting my bottle of oil and the face serum out to me on time. I haven’t had the chance to use them yet so i can’t comment on that, but for the fantastic customer service and advice I’d like to say a big thankyou.
    Eileen Kagen
  • On my 3rd bottle of the fab ‘Hair Oil’ and got to state my hair is thicker, less breakage, softer, shinier, feels healthier and no longer sheds. For split ends whenever I get them I prefer using the Hair repair treatment cpl times a week or so, otherwise its just the oil. I no longer have to use any other products on my hair, there just isn’t any need. Your one product has solved just about everything. The trick is to put it through hair and leave it in. I keep it in at least 30 minutes. If i remember to do this just once a week, my hair thanks me for it profoundly. I also noticed a big change when using a natural shampoo instead of whatever I could grab off the shelves at the supermarket. Couldn’t be more pleased with this product and will write a seperate review for the hair repair when I get a moment which you can also use in the testimonials section..
    Karen Briggs
    West Yorkshire
  • Heloo. A really nice product for my face (the serum) and the dark shadows under my eyes are clearing-up nicely.
    Jemimah H
  • I’m a 35 year old man who has male pattern baldness and its effected me for many years. I thought about having hair replacement but though maybe give this a try first. I used 2 bottles in total over about 6 or 7 months and also the boosting treatment (i feel this helped a lot!) and there is a lot more hair now on the crown and temples. You can’t really see my scalp any more in those areas. I would very strongly recomend the brand for people to try.
    Darren Wilkinson
    21st october 2013
  • Hi. It’s stopped my hair from falling as much. Well pleased!! Will suggest to others to purchase.
  • Dear Divine Herbal. I use the hair oil every week about two or three times. In less than a month it has completely stopped my hair from falling and has also made my scalp less itchy and dry. I strongly believe in Ayurveda and I know this product has some background form that field. It was my sister who purchased it – she lives in Chennai, India. She introduced me to the product and it was money well spent! I am originally from India and have tried so many products there also, but always lacklustre results. Your hair oil is a fantastic product.
    Mrs Priya Shah
  • Hello, fab customer service. Was delivered the day after I ordered and was nicely packed too. Got to try it last night and left it on. Surprisingly it hadsn stained my pillowcase or anything but it did make my hair feel better…stronger and healthier and thats just in one go. Cant wait to see what happens next.
    5th December 2013
  • Hi. Been using the face serum on a nightly basis and am very impressed with the results. Fantastic product.
    Mrs Hingley
    West Yorkshire
    16th Dec 2013
  • Hello..I wanted to say great things are happening to my hair since starting the Hair Repair treatment! Much more conditioned, lot’s more volume, less frizz and fly-away’s and a lot of compliments from friends and family! Oh and it smells absolutely DIVINE!! Another excellent product, will be back for more!
    Ms A Smith
    North Yorkshire
  • I am a convert to the ‘hair oil’ in your range, it has made a lot of difference to my hair loss and i am no longer worrying about losing my hair. before it i would worry whenever brushing my hair ans lots of hair would fall, also when hoovering so many hairs would be picked up by it. My hair used to be fine when i lived in the states – maybe it has something to do with the change in climate or water that triggered the hair loss. I don’t know what it could’ve been but at least its under control. I would like to recommend to others to try it out too.
    Jeanette H
    26th Jan 2014
  • Aftet having 2 children (twins) i found my hair was falling a lot more than normal so i used the divine hair oil with boosting oil and i noticed a improvement in my hair thickness and less falling in a couple of months. I recommend it to everyone.
    Mrs H kalsoom
    West yorkshire
  • Hi. I used for diffuse thinning on the scalp and for bald patches on head where I had used other products but not with much luck! I tried the herbal oil and after maybe 4 months I saw new hairs appearing all over the scalp. But much more sooner, perhaps within 4 weeks it was noticeable that any hair loss when showering had stopped and no longer collected in the sink hole. Finally – this was when I knew I was going to see some results with it. I am using twice a week overnight and massaging my scalp every evening before using the oil for 4-5 minutes. I feel it has helped with the results. Thanks.
    Mr D. Hasaar
  • Hi there. I would 100% recommend the Divine hair oil for any ladies out there who are experiencing hair loss and don’t know what to do about it. Ive been using it for the last 2 months and my hair quality/volume is improved plus it has stopped falling out. Also very fast postage. 10/10.
    Oxford, UK
    18th March 2014
  • Just writing to say a big thanks for fast delivery…also the facial serum is the best thing that i used for my dark circles. They are already improving and thats just in 4 days of use! Loving it.
    Anna Ziekowski
  • A really nice product which has helped mend my split ends and make my hair conditioned. I recommend the Hair repair treatment to anyone with ‘bad’ hair.
    5th April 2014
  • Hello. It’s been about 6 months, maybe 7 since i first started using the Hair oil and Boosting oil. I also changed shampoo to something that had less chemicals in it. In this period of time i would definitely say my hair is thicker and healthier. It’s falling a lot less than before, maybe one-seventh of what it was before and is just overall much much better! I would though suggest to use it for only 1 or 2 days in the week. Anything more might not suit you (it didn’t me!) so test it out and see for yourself what way it works best for you.
    Marcia J Hall
  • I placed my order Thursday one week and was arrived by the same the following week to Portugal…pretty good! That was last month and after then I have been using every second day just oon the scalp. First of all it doesn’t smell bad, this is something I was worried about a bit but it’s fine. Also it did not make my hair greasy and it didn’t cause my scalp any problems (sometimes use other oils and can feel itching but not with this). Its too early yet to say about any new hair but there is less hair noticed when showering and this is a big relief! For that alone I am happy…
    Ricardo H
    9th May 2014
  • Excellent product – love the glass bottle but wish it came with some kind of measuring device like a pipette. This would make application a lot easier. All in all I’m pleased at the way my hair looks and feels. It’s thicker. It’s not falling any longer. It’s shinier. A very good product and something I will be back to buy more of.
    Mrs Gemma Walker
  • Hiya. very pleased with the quick delivery and the products. A lot of people have commented my scalp is not that visible anymore so it’s definitely working.
    Mr M Khan
    7th July 2014
  • Hi Divine Herbal. I was having my eyebrows done at my local salon in Harrow when I noticed a poster for your Face serum. I asked the beautician if I could try some so she let me try a bit. It smelt nice and sunk into my skin really nicely so I purchased some. In the 4 months I’ve been using it there is a definite improvement in my skin tone and old acne marks. I would say the marks are 70% better if not more and the uneven tone is almost gone too. Love this product!!
    Neelum Shardanchiya
    18 July 2014
  • Really quick delivery and feels brilliant when applying. Has stopped all itching that had been plaguing me for years.
    Sevinc C
  • My parcel got here in next to no time and after using the facial serum I’m happy to report my skin is much softer and clearer (I had fine lines and a bit of unevenness around the upper cheeks). I’ve also only been applying it for the last few weeks so that’s quite quick in my opinion. Great product.
    Dublin (R.O.I)
  • My hair is in a much much better condition. I use the hair repairing treatment after every time i wash my hair (3 times a week) and just about 5 drops or a bit more if my hair is dry. I make sure i do this whilst its damp and run it through with a comb. The result: much silkier hair that feels NATURALLy silky (without all the artificial stuff you find in those other hair products) and it makes my hair smell like limes, a very refreshing smell but one which doesnt last that long – maybe its a good thing as i can be sure it isnt clashing with the perfume im wearing.
    Mrs Hunt
    18 September 2014
  • Hello Divine Herbal. I was shopping recently for a hair loss product when a friend mentioned your ‘Hair Oil’ which he has been using for some time now. I wasn’t able to get it from here (do you have a stockist in Turkey?) but I was able to order it on your website. I’m noticing a good improvemnt over all in the density of my hair and the hair seem stronget too. I might just try the ‘shampoo’ and ‘boosting treatment’ too and see if that gets quicker results. So far though im impressed and its certainly working! Thanks!
    George Smith
  • Hi. My hair was falling by the handfull. This hair oil of yours has stopped it falling completely. I’m stunned! I tried so many various supplements and products but nothing was working. This stuff is the best. Highly recommeneded to anyone with hair falling.
    Naila M
    11th October 2014
  • Hi there. Your Hair Repair is an excellent serum for damaged and frizzy hair. I have never come across anything like it before! Also when i apply it to any split ends it prevents them splitting and for the first time in maybe a decade my hair has started growing past the point where it would normally snap! Fantastic stuff..Thankyou.
    Ms Objakawe C. Omagbemi
    United Kingdom
  • Very fast delivery and excellently packed. Woke up to a glowing complexion this morning (as though I’d had a facial done at my local salon), that’s after using a couple of drops of the Facial serum overnight. I haven’t tried any of the other products yet but if the results of this one are anything to go by then I’m in for a treat.
    Rosemary Sutton
    West Midlands
  • Hi. I did NOT notice good results for the first few weeks admittedly. But as I relaised i was over using it and so have cut down to one/wo times in a week. This has helped tremendously and now satisfied with how its working (Divine hair oil). Shedding of hair has almost stopped and my scalp feels a lot better, no itch or flakiness like it used to. Coming up to three months now. Very good product.
    Mr Ashraf Khan (Ash)
  • Hi team! I’ve been using the Herbal Devine Hair Oil for over a year now. In that time my hair has thickened up nicely. I still have half of my 2nd bottle left so its fantastic value for money too. When i comb my hair I’m lucky if i see a couple of strands of hair. Compare this to before when it was filled with hair. Have recommended to friends and my local salon/haidresser.
    Pavel G
    Tyne & wear
  • Hii. My search for a good hair product is over! I came across your hair oil at the Professional beauty show earlier this year and bought 1 bottle for my husband. He didn’t use it and as i was going through a phase of hair loss i thought well why not give it a go myself? Not only has the shedding stopped but my hair is much more healthier and is breaking less. A very good product and one which i will be purchasing more of in the future!
    Anna M.
  • A really nice product recommended to me by my sister who bought from as tockist in Harrow. I use the Hair Oil every week – twice and it has helped tremendously. Must try your other products soon. Thanks.
    Mrs Anita Hans
  • What fast shipping!! I ordered 4.00pm on the Wednesday and it was here by Thursday morning. That’s what you call quick postage! Haven’t used yet but am looking forward to trying it on the weekend.
    Mr Ali Khan
  • Hi. I’m a Afro-Caribbean woman in my late thirties and I’m really liking the Hair repair serum. It has tamed my hair really well and it feels much healthier and manageable. I work in a hair salon and will definitely recommend to customers here with a similar hair type. I’m sure it works brilliantly on all hair types but it’s really difficult to find something suitable for Afro hair types on the market. This however is FANTASTIC. I’m very impressed and also love how there are no chemicals in it whatsoever!
    Ms Naomi S
  • Dear herbal divine. Your products has totally helped with my scalp itch and the hair growth. Even in our hot climate i was most surpised to see it is suitable for me. I will keep contnuing to purchase from you. All the best!
    Mr G Shivdasani
    Mumbai – India
  • I started using the hair oil early 2011. I am a female in my early 50s and my doctor diagnosed me with an advanced form of female pattern baldness a few years prior to this. My scalp was clearly visible and the top of my head had only sparse hair left on it. Since and before then I invested as much as i could into finding something – anything that could help. It was an expensive and frustrating journey and i dont want to dwell on it much. what i will say however is this product (hair oil by divine herbal) gave me back at least 60% of the hair i lost. No it didnt happen overnight and if thats what your looking for then this is not the product for you. For my hair to grow back we are talking months of use, maybe up to a year. But it was worth it. Also, my fear of it all vanishing if i stopped using didnt happen either. A few hairs may have shed when i ran out of product for 2/3 weeks but i made sure i kept to my routine of once a week to maintain results. I am still using it and still seeing new growth. I will keep doing this.
    Holly Brooks
  • Thanks. got my btl in post today. Fast!
    Kash. D
    3 June 2015
  • Hi, I love the smell of this product! Just massaging into my scalp is something I look forward to each night, very relaxing and de-stressing, especially with the Lavender smell in the oil and herbs. Not given enough time yet to comment on effectiveness but my scalp feels soothed and invigorated at the same time. Brill
    Ms Sheila A. Patel
    South London
  • I normally purchase this from a stockists but they were out of stock so bought online from you. Yes it is making a difference. I counted 6 strands of hair in the shower (normal count around 40-50) after about 1 week of using. Still early days but will def keep using this.
    Marcus Green
    1st July ’15
  • Bonjour. Je l’ai utilisé ce produit pour 1 an . Il est un très bon produit (Divine hair oil)
    Mrs Daphine J
  • Hello. The facial Serum…an absolute steal for what it does. I have not noticed much on the nose to mouth (nasolabial) lines but then again what can, other than Restylane fillers? On fine lines and texture of skin though the results have far exceeded my expectations. Move aside Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair, this serum is the only thing I will be using every night from now on. Better results + much cheaper…not to mention totally chemical-free! Win-win.
    Mrs G Potter
    W. Yorks
  • Awesome results. Have already suggested my nearest salon get some of this. Shipping to the states is reasonably fast but expensive!! It would be great if you had a distributor in the states. otherwise no complaints, hair is looking better than it has in a while. (using since 3 months)
    Carl Anderson
    New Haven, CT
    United States
    Aug 21 2015
  • Hi there. Just a few words to say the facial serum has helped with some mild acne and marks. I will use under the eyes and let you know how that goes. Thanks.
    Nargis Kumar
  • Your Hair repairing treatment is a really nice product for my split ends. Can honestly say i don’t have any more breakage and no trips to the hairdresser to have the dead ends cut off. Simply put its solved it and all I doing is putting a few drops into ends of hair two maybe three times a week after washing my hair. Good fragrance too. Happy.
  • I found this product on one of the forums. Someone on there had used it and had some good things to say so i thought I might give it a try to and see what happens. I bought a bottle on line and used it up in about 5 months. I did not use it properly at first as i have quite a hectic job and dont get time, but once i took it seriously after following peoples results on the forum i saw some good signs of hair appearing. Very slight but my hairdresser noticed it too so I can’t be imagining it. I would recommend to anyone its worth giving it a try. Thnks.
    Alan Bailey
    Tyne & wear
  • Thanks guys…noticing my hair is healthier and when i wash my hair definitely less hairs appearing in shower/wash basin.
    Adam H.T
    Aberdeen – Scotland
  • Currently using the facial oil and hair oil. Been using these for almost 12 months and can see a massive difference. not just myself but others have noticed it too. Will keep purchasing and using these as i love the benefits of doing so.
    Ms T Patel
  • Hiya. Although I dint actually get this online I just wanted to write and say what a difference the boosting and hair oil have made to my hair. It is much thicker and I am in my 50’s so wasn’t expecting it to work quite so well. Have used since just over 6 months and I noticed the thickness become apparent around month 5. Very glad I stuck to it. A really good effective hair loss product.
    Moira J.
    West Glamorgan
    04 December/15
  • A friend who visited the ‘Salon International’ show in London suggested the hair oil for hair loss after he got from there and it has worked really well. much more stronger than other products and none of the side effect.
    Mr S Ali
  • Excellent fast delivery again. well packaged items (hair oil + repair treatment)
    Debbie Grant
  • Hi. I really like the face serum. It has helped a lot with marks and my skin is a lot smoother too. I am using every night just 2 drops. However I do find the pump lets too much product out and gets wasted. My way around this is to unscrew the lid and just dab a drop on from the base of the pump inside lid. Much easier. Otherwise a very good product and will recommend to others.
    Miss Huma Khan
  • Greetings from Holland! A few of my friends with me really like the oil you are selling and we have ordered a few times on the site. It is also making sleep and relaxation. Great oil
  • Hello. I use currently ur hair treatment for split ends and it stopped breaking. It took about 2 months but it don’t break any longer and it grows much longer than it used to.
    Jane Seymour
  • Where do I start lol? I used to have a large patch of hair on my crown area which would not respond to any product or treatment that I used. My own doctor said its genetic and nothing that can be done about it. I did some research for products and I found the Herbal oil. I had not heard of it before so I wasn’t too sure about using. But I like that it had a guarantee and this gave me more confidence in it. I have not seen many products with a guarantee out there. So I joined one of the forums as I saw there are other men with similar crown hair loss who have been using the oil. I followed their advice and used it every other day or even every day, just on a night time. My girlfriend noticed before I did that the crown was not as visible as it was before and over the forthcoming months it has continued to get thicker and healthier too. I have now been using for nearly 1 year and mixing with the Boosting oil too. Definitely due to using the oils, nothing else has changed in my habits or diet. I have already recommended to a few of my work mates and will recommend to others to try it too.
    Mr Andrzej Bukowski
    19 Apr 2016
  • A fantastic product that has helped with my hair problem. Quick and speedy delivery too.
  • bring back the shampoo please!!
  • When I started to using it was not sure what I will be expecting but in some omnths if not weeks there is a less of hair falling. My advise is to use in the night after every day so for example Monday, not tusday, use wensday but not Thursday etc. I am sharing the bottle ith my fiancé and we both use and he also is losing less hair now. A v good product thr.
    Caudiline B.
  • Hi. My order was for the Hair Oil, the Boosting and the Hair repair treatment. I use all the products in my routine and I am very happy to say: A. My hair condition is much better and B. Breakage and hair loss are almost stopped! However the postage costs are a bit high to Norway so I wish there was a seller in Norway as it would make it much easier. I am keeping my fingers crossed!
    Astrid Larsen
  • Really quick delivery thanks…
    01 Oct 2016
  • Had a recommendation from a friend up the coast who uses this a lot (hair oil) and her hair is looking unbelievable I have to admit. I have not used oils before so yes I was slightly apprehensive but so glad I did try it. For me the results took about 8 weeks but glad I managed to persist.
    Janine K.
  • Hi dear. Yes it has helped me, I am now 62 almost and my hair is much much more thicker. God bless.
    Mrs H Siduiqqi
  • Just wanted to say a big thanks for a product that does what it says it will. I used the oil and booster for over 9 months and my before vs my after picture are amazing. I use about three times every week and I make sure to use a mild shampoo to wash it out. sometimes I find it just absorbs and I can leave it in and not wash. But it definitely works as overall my hair is thicker. cheers
    Mr Charles P
    28 October 2016
  • I have Afro hair and was using this since about 2011 and I stopped using it bcos I couldn’t wash my hair so much then I realized I don’t have to wash it out on my hair so now I use it every single night and my alopecia is pretty much gone! That is in just 4 months of using it properly. cant beat that. thank you so much.
  • I’m sending this review for the face serum. I think its a really good product which has helped with a few marks left over from acne. 10/10 definitely.
  • Excellent packing and fast del. Not started to use but a few colleagues of mine have nd they suggested to me.
    Dave Kerwick
  • I was really impressed at how fast this hair oil worked for me (less than a month) and my hairs are not appearing in the shower. We have hard water here which plays havoc on hair and also the weather can be so dry at times but the oil is a godsend imo. I rcommend to others its a must try.
    Ms Salma Baloch
  • Hello. First of all let me start by saying thank you for the excellent customer service. You guys put some serious time and effort into your customer service. I’ve had lengthy responses by email from Sarah and spoken to Tazeen (sorry if I have misspelt) at lengths and we went over everything from my diet to blood tests ive had done and other suggestions. This is a lot more than I would get from any so called hair loss specialists and I’ve been to quite a few – and all their focus is on getting you in to charge you for another consultation. But not with Divine herbal, all their advice is free and they actually have done their utmost to assist me. Now as for the product let me tell you I am a Caucasian lady in my 40’s now and from the top of my hair and the sides I noticed over the years it is getting thinner and thinner. About 4 years ago I started to use the Hair Oil and almost straight away I felt my scalp was healthier, less itching and more moisturized. After a good 5-6 months of using I discovered really small tiny hairs growing and since then they have become thicker. I love this product and have gotten many other people onto using it. seriously if you have hair problems speak to these guys, they actually care!
    Milton Keynes
  • A friend of mine bought this for me and I have to say it has helped a lot to make it thick. I can style my hair whichever way I want without it looking sparse. The only thing I would say is it can take time but is worth the wait but you have to be patient.
    SE London
  • Hi. I really do like the Hair Repair treatment and I use it most days for controlling my hair. Also I use it (like a cpl of drops) in place of a conditioner and has really helped sort my hair out. Its also really good how they don’t have chemicals in which is a bonus.
    Tianna D.
  • Really good product beenusing for over a year now cheers
    Bellamy Wilson
    Preston – Greater Manchester
  • My review is for the Divinebrow eyebrow serum. I was one of the first to buy this when it was launched at the Pro Beauty show in London last month. Ive been using it now less than a month but even already I can see a difference. Will keep using this every night and looking forward to seeing more changes. Very good product and would def. recommend!
    16 March 2017
  • hey there was a time when my skin looked dull and lifeless but using the facial serum has made a HUGE difference. If glowing, bright more unform complexion is what your looking for its here…in a bottle that wont cost the earth. stopped using my elemis night serum and cream after trying this. Cheaper, better and does both jobs in 1!
    Sam Al’khasar
    20th March 2017
  • Definitely a no-fuss experience. Good impartial advice rather than a sales pitch which is the norm (frustratingly) and a fast speedy delivery too. I tried to buy the hair loss oil at a stockiest but they had sold out of it and now I know why lol. Highly recomend it.
    Navneet M.
    03 Apr 2017
  • Not written a review before but wanted to say how good a product the divine herbal hair oil is. I keep it in my bathroom and the whole family uses it – my husband, the eldest who is in her late 20s and of course me too. all of us have had hair problems and concerns before and seen good results. thankyou.
    Ms Taslim Shah
  • I find that the Boosting Treatment works great for my scalp and after adding it into my routine its helped a lot with the hair growth. All in all been using for about 7 months and impressed.
    Dave Newman
  • hello divine company. I am using the Hair Oil now since start of last year and order online regularly. It is great product. Thank you and greetings from Germany
    Mrs Ayse Akbas
    10 May 2017
  • Have tried the hair repair treatment and really seen a positive difference afterwards in how the way my hair feels and looks. it’s also great that there are no silicones in it and no chemicals or artificaial perfume. I would suggest this for any ladies with thick or dry hair and just use like a few of drops not more than that. love it.
  • Hi this product (Divine brow) was recommended to me by a beautician I visited in Harrow a few months back. She did tell me she hadn’t tried it but she has sold a lot of the other divine products in the past and lots of satisfied customers. Despite not having used this product she seemed convinced & made me think there must be something good about it. Now fastforward nearly three months and you can see (and I can and everyone else) that my brows are thicker and any sparse areas filling up fast. Actually rang them up to tell the beautician but sadly she was away on holiday. Will pop in there again but in the meantime though id write a testimonial to the producers of this fab product at least and say a big thank you guys. 10 out of 10. Will keep using it as I have a feeling more growth is around the corner. And please sell to my local salon here in Coventry they would love this product (and would save me having to buy all the way from Harrow). Thanks guys.
    kanta B.M
    West Mids
    21st May 2017
  • Hello and what a fantastic product the Hair oil has been. I lost a lot of hair on my temples after giving birth to twins not so long ago. A friend of mine who lives in Philly made a suggestion that I try this to help stop the amount of hair being lost. It definitely did that and then some. Customer for life! Thanking you.
    Mrs D Soheli
    June 2nd 17
  • Just writing this review for the excellent hair oil which is a great product for thinning hair. Also fast shipping which is good.
    19 June 2017
  • Hi. I really love the eyebrow serum Divinebrow. I can definitely see a difference. Brill. x
    Vido Almeiraz Tarantie
    south Yorkshir
    United kingdom
  • hi I’m just writing a review for the divinelash serum,it has helped with the length of my both lashes,also they do not fall out anymore.I use everynight and sometime in the day also.
    Ms Roselina
  • Hey just thought id write-up for one of my fave beauty products – the hair oil (well haircare technically). I spoke to one of the salons who sells this after seeing it on a leaflet in there waiting area last year. The salon owner told me how she uses it and then came to sell in her own salon. She also had a picture of her hair the way it used to look much thinner and that was the icing on the cake for me! I use it as she instructed every second day. I also use the shampoo in my routine and the boosting oil just once a week. A definite increase in number of hairs now after 7 months of use and definite descrease in hairs falling. Overall a great brand and great product. I would recommend.
    Priyanka K.
    19th August 17
  • What a brilliant product the Divinebrow is. Really does work and in only a couple of months eyebrows are thicker and something not only I’ve noticed but others too. Purchased in May 17.
  • Just wanted to write-in & say I moved recently from Saudia Arabia where I was based for work to Denmark and originally I’m from Coventry in UK. The weather change was drastic on my hair & also my skin. It could have been the water too not sure but someone in the Uk advised me to try the oil for my scalp and is the best thing I have used ever. of course not many people will point it out but those that are close like my g/f and my parents & siblings were convinced I had had a hair transplant. This is how effective the results were for me. Definitely worth trying & saves on the cost for hair transplant by about 30 times if not more.
    1 Oct 2017
  • Hello there. I spoke to one of your staff members who was so helpful and polite. I wanted to say thanks so much for the brilliant service and assistance. P.s I did buy it just last week from my salon which was nice of you ppl to point out as it cost less without postage. Also will get the iron test done as recommended I just need to speak to doc about this. A very good service keep it up. Thnks.
    Mrs Asha P
    Greater Manchester
  • Highly recommend your products to friends/family both here and abroad. Your eyelash and eyebrow serums especially are amongst the best quality, much better than other brands out there. Also love how they are organic.
    J Khan
  • My parcel arrived the next day and was very well packed. The Hair loss oil smells lovely and it works. Thanks guys. 10 out of 10.
    Steven AT
    Co. Durham
  • Hi. I was recommended the ‘Divinebrow’ product by my cousin who I’d seen the results on and asked what she was using and where I could get it from? Turns out it was this brand (divine herbal) who I have seen exhibit at the beauty and hair shows many times but not stopped by, my bad I guess. Now I’m not young (in my 50’s) and I wasn’t too sure if this would at all work for my brows which were very thin as was the trend many years back. Also my age I thought might be a factor? Turns out neither was to prevent me seeing some results. Yes it took a good 3 months or so but it was a remarkable difference. I’m not a big fan of microblading or some of the newer procedures out now for eyebrows so in other words very glad I found this brand and this product! And for a bargain of a price too I must admit. Will continue to spread the word as I have already been doing.
    Ms Benn
    Northern Ireland
    15th November 2017
  • Hey I use the hair repair treatment on my curly/frizzy hair at least every 1-2 days literally a couple of drops. It’s helped to smoothen out my hair. I find I can comb through it much easier and the condition and texture is infinitely better than other products I’ve used (probably because of all the chemicals and perfume in those ones). If you like natural you should give this a try.
    5 Jan 2018
  • After pregnancy my hairline began to recede quite badly so I asked my pharmacist what they would suggest…turns out this Divine herbal hair oil was something they recomemended.At first I wasn’t to sure if keen on the smell and the fact that its an oil but I got around this small issue and I have to say where the hair was thin its now much thicker. I suggest to dab it on the area where you need it to work on and leave on for the night.Also love how good value for money it is as I can make 1 bottle last well over the 3 months it states on label. I do have a thyroid problem aswell funnily enough and I think the hair oil would work even faster if it wasn’t for that. overall took me about 4-5 months to notice the hair on temples get thicker and less visible.