Hair Supplement - Step 1
60 Capsules £24.99

Hair Supplement - Step 1

Improves hair growth and condition from within

A unique blend of vitamins, minerals & botanical extracts to strengthen hair, reduce hair loss and encourage faster growth


  • Nourishes and repairs hair follicles
  • Enhances hair quality and shine
  • Includes added 'immune support' complex

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Customers reviews

I been using your hair oil supplement with booster for 2 months and very happy with result of my hairs and shampoo too good thanks needs just improvement in delivery speed otherwise great

Nazia, Bolton

Hi. I love everything about the supplement capsules and I take 1 capsule with breakfast and 1 with my lunch. It is now nearly 4 weeks from starting and I am noticing some changes: hair falls less, hair quality seems improved/softer and is also growing faster. I have just plaved an order for 2 more of these. Very pleased so far.

Deborah, San Francisco-USA

Hello. Much like these product. Cost satisfy. Good result. I can get again.

Mikoto, London

Knocking off 1 star for the size of the capsules...would"ve been much happier if each dose was two small instead of one large capsule. Good job then that these are working! Helpful email response to queries, shipping to Singapore was average at just over a week. Overall good product.

Jo, Singapore

Hi Divine Team. I purchased the Hair Supplement from your website for my niece about 7 months prior. Though she is relatively young - in her mid twenties, she has been experiencing a lot of hair loss which her GP confirmed was Alopecia. I amhappy to say that there has been a huge difference the last time i saw which her in February of this year. Her head no longer had visible bald patches at the top/back. I asked her what else she has been taking or doing differently and she replied "nothing, only the supplement". She was already using your hair oil since early last year so i wonder if there was some crossover with results?? She feels that a lot of her results were from the supplement and the oil only had a limited effect on its own. I think she is now on her 6th tub of the supplement and is very happy with the effect of the product. Should she stop taking the supplement now that she has got her desired results, or taper off? Actually i will send a email or call to ask but if you can then pls do get back to me on the email i sent this review from. This is such an amazing product and i will definitely recommend it to to others to try. Ming x

Ming, Crawley

I got it from a salon in my city. Also the hair oil. I have been happy with the results of both of these products and I will try out the shampoo also.

Nazia, Bolton

These are wonderful, they work and I will be purchasing more for sure. A very satisfied customer from Australia

Alena, Perth-Australia

A lovely hair vitamin which I take on a morning (two capsules) right after breakfast as trying to remember to take one after breakfast and then another capsule after lunch wasn"t easy, I would usually forget the luchtime dose. I started taking these just under 2 months ago and have noticed tremendous improvements in not just hair, but skin too (clearer and a noticeable glow). Highly recommended!

Francesca, London

Hi. Just wanted to write in and report back to you; my results with the Hair Supplement. Finding they are making a difference in several aspects: growth is faster, hairfall is less and hair itself: shinier. I can"t recall the last time my hair looked this great. It is certainly worth you trying if you want to improve your hair x

Krishna, Harrow

There is no doubt that these work but I dont like the large size of the pill itself and would prefer if they were made smaller. Apart from that I am very satisfied with these.

Sam, Edinburgh

Hello I cant say for sure if is this or the herbal hair oil but i think is this which has stopped my hair loss problem because it lessened after using oil for 1 month but then ater few weeks of this capsules it totally stopped so i am very delighted thank you.

Moni, Basildon

Just wanted to share my results with yourselves. The supplement is working for me, I have noticed my hair is stronger and has more volume/body to it. It"s just a lot healthier than it used to be. And it is also not coming out in my brush or shower the way it used to (I am 3 months in now with my course). Definitely worth the money and I am happy with the noticeable changes I can see with my hair after using this and your oil. Will continue to purchase. Excellent product.

Lorraine, Scarborough

Hi...A quick speedy delivery to my home and so far so good with the supplement. Thank you guys.

Jonathan, Hampshire

Much better in comparison to some of the similar products i tried in the past and roughly the same in cost too, if not less. Have tried most of the products by Divine Herbal and this is one of my favourites which i have purchased four times now. If your deciding between this and other "hair" tablets i would recommend to go for this as its results are better.

Jennifer, Newcastle

Very good product, nicely packed, quick results and quick postage thanks!

Sophia, Edinburgh

Hi there. Writing in with my two cents...first I completely agree with the previous reviewer that this helps with stress and is the first benefit i noticed as my stress levels and sleep seemed to be better but i couldnt figure out just why until i came across the previous reviewer had written. After that the strands of hair started decreasing roughly 4 weeks into the course. I would wholeheartedly recommend this supplement to anyone with hair loss and who want to improve their hair health. I was quite surprised as I"m in my 50s and have tried many things in the past without much luck.

Pat, Toledo-USA

I am happy with how my hair is right now after a cpl months taking your "hair supplement" (less hair shedding, better manageability and other improvements) and will continue to take these every day. 10/10

Shamim, Bradford

Hello. I have enjoyed the result with the hair supplement. My hair is more full. It is softer. It is not falling out any more. But the supplement has a slight odd smell. This is why I give it 4 stars. Delivery to my home was more fast then I expect. Thank you.

Viktorija, Klaipeda-Lithuania

It is a good herb tablet for the hair and is made my hair soft very nice

Adwoa, London

Hi. Very happy with my purchase. Hair oil = fantastic product, been using since 2014. Just added the supplement. Hair and skin benefits aside - which are already becoming visible, can I just say hats off to whoever came up with this as it makes me feel LESS STRESSED! Already aware of immune system complex in this but had no idea of its additional stress busting capabilities! Turns out the ingredient called "Ashwagandha" in here has myriad properties for promoting calm and aiding sleep (yes im the pest that kept emailing Sarah constantly to find out more about this, sorry guys!) Forget 2 in 1 (hair & immune) which this product is advertised as, how about 3 in 1!! Definitely consider adding this to the description as I think its a fantastic benefit that people might not be aware of and could benefit from. Just stocked up on these as my first tub has finished. Customer for life! x

Nadia, London

Hi. Wanted to share som feedback on the supplement...there is a good deal of improvement after "weeks 9-10" of taking two every day of the and its mostly in the quality of my hair and generally myhair health. Is also looking slightly thicker. Yes a good product but please make the label text bigger, can scarecely read whats printed on it!

Sandy, Carlisle

Started using this and you Divine herbal Hair Oil in August and the difference in that short amount of time has been noticeable not only by me but my entire family too - everyone"s been asking what it is I"ve used and this is it, there"s been nothing else different in my regime. Starting with the look and feel of my locks to the shine and absence of hair strands in my brush. In fact even my skin and my nails have never looked this good. And I looked up the ingredients and yes some of them are know to give good skin and nails, in other words this is not just about your hair, its good for a lot of things. I"ve just ordered my 2nd lot of this and the oil. Super-impressed.

Ava, Surrey

Hi. I notice my hair is not falling out as much and feels thicker and so much healthier too. This is much better than the doc"s tablets I was taking before. Nearly out of my current bottle and look forward to buying some more of this.

Andrew, Sheffield

A very effective daily capsule which have made the world of difference to my dry and constantly shedding hair. The condition is better, the quality is better and the shedding has stopped. 100% would recommend x

Kuljit, Southall

hello & greetings. I have used the hair oil and just sent in a review for it and thought i would report back to you on the Divine hair supplement too which is also making a difference to my hair. I think it is a wonderful product and im honored to have been one of the first people to trial it. Thanks again!

Daniella, Adelaide-Australia

Salon reviews

A fantastic product which has made a noticeable difference to my customers" hair. I definitely recommend trying this.

Stella Macwan
Stella Hair & Beauty

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