Boosting Treatment
100ml/3.3 fl oz £31.99

Boosting Treatment

Promotes thicker and more denser hair growth

A once-weekly boosting supplement which encourages thicker, faster hair growth when used in conjunction with the Hair Oil and Hair Supplement


  • Promotes thicker hair growth
  • Revitalizes the hair follicles
  • Reduces the effects of DHT on the scalp
  • Helps to boost re-growth



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Customers reviews

My routine is... using the Booster once during the week and the Oil twice. I use my own shampoo, not the Divine one! There"s definitely a change from the 1st week...I also don"t wash my hai rmuch so i don"t use too much of the product. This makes it more economical to use as otherwise the cost can add up. But these are good products & are effective!

Mariyah, Dundee

It is sticky oh yes! Don"t apply straight to scalp, best to use sparingly, and warm up in your hand first. And it works - like a dream!! Delivery pronto. Good CS. Recommend!

Brandon, Enfield

Hey...I used the "Hair Oil" for about 4 months and did not notice much growth, though it helped reduce the hair fall. Then I switched to the Boosting Treatment. Using this 3 times a week for the past couple of months has allowed new hair to grow through. It is well worth it...

Hoor, East Sussex

Im not very consistent in using yet I have noticed all my short baby hairs are now growing out longer! Only complaint is that the cap applicator can be a bit leaky, so just be careful when storing it, always keep it upright.

Britney, Dublin-Ireland

Hi. The product feels pretty thick going on but then melts in when you massage it in. I apply it alternate nights and shampoo it out in the morning. Can stain your pillow case so be aware of that! Works much better than any of the products I used in the past, including the Divine herbal hair oil!

Iman, Newcastle

Im pleased with the results and have just started using my second bottle of the boosting treatment for a hair condition I had since I was in my teens.

Elizabeth, Cornwall

Quick delivery & nice product. 10/10.

Hitoshi, Birmingham

Hi. I wanted to say the product works amazing. I use it two or three times in the week at least. It will wash out quite easily the morning following. But I must remove one star as the smell is not plesent. It reminds me of a forest smell when you take a walk in woods. Thankfully it will only last a few minutes.

Margaux, Stratford

Hey there. My favorite product is your boosting treatment because I feel this is what has made the most difference to my hair thickness. I dab this onto the area (temples) and leave it overnight. The results are really good.

Arzu, London

Hi. I got hold of the boosting treatment last month and been using it. regularly. I find on its own this product is too sticky so I mix it with the hair oil which makes the easier to apply and I leave it in at night time. For what its worth am seeing a difference as my hair is shedding less. But i dont recommend using the boosting treatment on its own because of its dense texture. Definitely mix with the hair oil or another oil.

Jason, Glasgow

Hii. A lovely hair oil/serum which has worked wonders for my hair at the crown area. Started using this in January and now almost five months later there"s a big big difference in my sparse areas esp crown. Great stuff.

Paris, London

I dont use this booster everynight - only once in a week but i feel its making a difference and i will continue. Feels a bit heavy on my fine hair type so making sure to use just a small amount as advised by customer service

Corrina, Merseyside

Hello. Just wanted to share my positive experience with the divine boosting treatment. I started using it in 2016 but was not consistent with it. I then used again from last year and did not miss a application. By early this year (just before lockdown) I noticed in the mirror that the top of my hair is looking a lot thicker than before. I have also been using the hair oil and shampoo. I am not sure if this would make any difference on its own but with the other two products I can definitely say it has thickend my hair. I will use it on its own now just to see what happens and will post another review. Thanks guys.

Muhammed , Dewsbury

Ive been using it for the last 4 weeks and very surprised to see that its working as they are some fine hairs on the hairline and Ive not been using any other product but this. i would highly recommedn it.

Krystyna, Waterford-Ireland

Hi. I love the Boosting oil and the Hair oil. They are both really good products but more so I feel the Boosting one thickens as compared to the Hair oil. I use the Boosting oil every other day for 1 hour before i wash it out. Once a week I use the Hair oil again for about 1 hour after massaging it in properly first. My hair is naturally thick and wavy but recently was experiencing a gradual thinning, however now it is reversed. A number of people have commented on my hair difference and I have now used in total for 5 months. Condition is a lot better too. x

Luciana, Melbourne-Australia

I used it from Dec until start of March and used it on a patch at back of my head wear hair is thinner. There is a differnce i noticed today when placing mirror behind to see reflection the patch is much less. I use the oil too. These are both good products for men or women with hair loss and balding.

Mohatan, London

Hi there. I use the Boosting oil every night just by dabbing on a small patch that"s missing hair on my scalp. Only been 2 months but there is hair growing in that patch so clearly this product is working and I will recommend toothers to give it a try. I got it quickly in the post too and it was nicely packed - thanks!

Ali, Oslo-Norway

Hi I brought thie boosting treatment about 1 yr ago from my hairdressers who told me to use it every second night. I followed his instructions and my hair is a lot thicker now on the top psrt especially and the sides. I am a man in my 40+ who has tried a lot of hair loss products and this is the best I have used

Gareth, Berlin-Germany

I use this very sparingly on my upper forehead hairline where the hair has been going thinner since the past three years ~ now I use it every third day and there is much more hair comparing to before. I also use the hair oil at the same time and both are very good products. The boosting is more thick and also quiet strong despite it is natural. Hair oil is fantastic too. Thank you.

Simona, London

Hi. I use this product (booster) literally one pump on the top of my scalp and it helped to mak the hair grow in that area after I was using it for almost six months. No need to use expensive products and suffer from side effects when there’s natual options out there such as this. I also use the hair oil weekly which helps a lot to.

Kam, Glasgow

I find that the Boosting Treatment works great for my scalp and after adding it into my routine its helped a lot with the hair growth. All in all been using for about 7 months and impressed.

Dave, Manchester

Hello. A really good treatment for my hair I use on temples and seen much new hairs in the temples area which I had lost after having a baby. I try to use it every 2-3nights and not always washing out depends if as sometimes its gone by morning and then no need to wash. V good & recommend.

Neha, High Wycombe

The ‘Divine herbals boosting treatment was suggested to me by my hairdresser who has used it some time back. It’s a bit sticky but goes on fine and more importantly it works! I prefer using natural products, not chemicals and it is great how natural this is without side-effects. The secret is you don’t apply too much and let it sink into your scalp. In the beginning I was using it completely wrong but asked my hairdresser who told me the correct way. I use this once per week, followed by the hair oil on the other days.

Candice, Manchester

Its been brilliant for my hair. Im still using it so hopefully it will work more for my hair…

Jasmina, Hull

Salon reviews

"In my organic beauty shop I always promote Divine Herbal products as they get excellent feedback from my customers. A male customer and his sisters used the Boosting Treatment and they all noticed an amazing improvement in hair growth when used alongside the Hair Oil. I would recommend the Boosting Treatment to anybody who is looking to regrow their hair"

Huda Aljoubory
Janna Organic Remedies
Mayfair - London

“Divine Herbal is one of our top selling brands. I have personally tried the Boosting Treatment, it encouraged my hair to grow faster and thicker. This is the brand I truly believe in”

Jeeta Mardania
Jeets Hair & Beauty
Ashton-Under-Lyne - Greater Manchester

“I’ve been selling the Boosting Treatment for 4-5 years now and this product works very well. Customers always coming back for more. I’ve never been disappointed. Product isn’t complicated to use and for a very reasonable price”

Katarzyna Warchol
Double Five Hair Studio
Southampton - Hampshire

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