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Hi. I'm 'Syed' - the founder of Divine Herbal. I'm also the person who formulates all of the products.

Not many people are aware that Divine Herbal never began its journey with the intention of one day becoming a business. It started as my personal quest to find a natural cure for hair loss. I had just turned 25 years old when I first noticed my hair was starting to thin out in the crown area and I disliked the idea of using chemical treatments, so I asked myself:

If hair loss has been around forever, what did people use before modern treatments and medicines were invented?

The answer wasn’t so straightforward…

The journey

Although the internet (and my local library) was a great starting point, it couldn’t provide the answers to all of my questions…and I had many! Did diet effect hair loss, or climate? Was the water more alkali in countries where it wasn’t such an issue, or did genetics play a role? I realized I had to get out there and find out firsthand. Budget issues limited travel to just a few countries but I managed to learn a lot, including the answer to my initial question: people around the world had been using oils and herbal extracts for hair loss; for generations and in many cases still continued to do so.

Back in the UK and armed with a ton of knowledge, my next and most trickiest task was to combine the properties of all the different oils and herbal extracts I had discovered, not just to ‘feed’ the hair follicles, but also to stimulate new hair growth. This process took almost 14 months.

Finally in 2009 I tried the product I had spent over a year developing, with baited breath. Within a few weeks I noticed there was less hair shedding.

In 6-7 months of continued use I could see my hair was thicker in the crown area. I was ecstatic. If my results were not just a fluke this could change things for a lot of people.

My grandmother who was aged 71 at the time was also very keen to try it, and like myself she was also noticing new growth in roughly the same time span.

So you’re probably wondering why hair loss medications were invented if a cure already exists?

If a natural cure for hair loss existed, the pharmaceutical giants would never be able to patent something and profit from it. Nobody knows how to make those well-known 'medicines', other than their manufacturers.

The conclusion

Today, over 10 years later there are more than 130 pharmacies, salons, spas and barbers across the country selling not just our Hair Oil but our other products too, all developed with the same passion and commitment to helping people feel better about themselves. Every time my team pack and send out one of my products, it starts its own little journey towards a new home, where it has the potential to make a difference for someone. That's one thing I never lose sight of. It's the reason why my brand is probably the smallest combined 'hair, beauty & health' brand out there, consisting of only 9 products. Not because there's any shortage of potential products I could add to the range, but because I will only ever launch a product that I truly believe in.

And what makes our story especially unique compared to other brands is that we have achieved this without any marketing, advertising or PR. All of our stockists sell our products – not because we went in there and told them we have a great product for them, but because we gave them a sample and asked them to try it and see for themselves.

Lastly, I know that for many people, losing their hair is almost like losing a part of their identity, and I can personally relate to that. I am also aware that some people feel as though they have tried everything and that ‘nothing works’. This is why I insist on offering a 60-day money-back guarantee for my product, to give everyone a fair chance to try something that could help them. If hair shedding decreases within 60 days then it is likely you will see new growth, If you don’t notice a decrease in shedding then it may not work for you and you can return for a refund.

Nothing is more rewarding than when a customer sends me a positive testimonial or drops me an email to say they have had successful results with one of my products. It truly makes all the hard work worthwhile.



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I want thicker hair and to prevent hair loss
I want thicker hair and to prevent hair loss
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I want to strengthen and lengthen eyelashes
I want to fight the appearance of aging & uneven skin tone
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A sample of the Divine Herbal product range

How does Divine Herbal work?

Our products combine natures own remedies and cures.

We have developed a range of products that tackle hair thinning and hair loss for scalp, eye lashes and eyebrows. We have also applied our skills to developing a facial serum that uses natural ingredients to tackle the various signs of skin ageing and damage – such as acne scarring and dark circles, as well as fine lines and uneven skin tone. In all our products we use natures' “well known” secrets. We combine the finest oils and extracts from countries across the world. Most of all, our products deliver real results.