Facial Treatment Serum
15ml/0.5 fl oz £31.99

Facial Treatment Serum

Reduces pigmentation and fine lines

A deeply rejuvenating overnight serum that helps reverse the signs of ageing & uneven skin tone


  • 100% chemical free
  • Fades pigmentation, acne marks & uneven skin tone
  • Reduces fine lines & signs of ageing
  • Leaves skin looking brighter, nourished & rejuvenated 



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Customers reviews

Hi. Been using the face serum on a nightly basis and am very impressed with the results. Fantastic product.

Lucas, Portsmouth

Hi Just a few words to say the facial serum has helped with some mild acne and marks. I will use under the eyes and let you know how that goes. Thanks.

Nargis, Kenton

Hi there. I"m using your facial serum and my skin looks better in many ways. Im guessing the fine lines around my eyes are 30% less than before. Loving the smell, and just how luxurious the serum feels. I only use a really small amount so my guess is this will last me for months. I am only using it for its anti-ageing benefits btw. I will soon try your Hair Oil too. Many thanks..

Janet, Weymouth

I am now on my tenth!! bottle of this and have been ordering since 2017 and just love it, will not be without it ever!!

Mindy, Delaware-USA

Highly recommend for dry skin. The formula is perfectly “ thin “ and so hydrating. I use every day along with my other products and this is a must have for hydration. I actually purchased for my husbands dark circles but ended up using myself! Definitely give it a try!

Alicia, Feltham

Hi your face serum is a reallt great serum and has made my skin look liftend and younger (im 65 years age) but I feel it could be better if come with a dropper packaging.

Laura, Tulln-Austria

I used this serum every night for 1 week, first thing I noticed it felt very smooth on the skin, has a light non sticky texture. it didn"t irritate my skin thankfully and the scent wasn"t very noticeable which was nice. I will use it up.

Radhika, Leicester

I wish I knew why this product is so slept on. I have not used anything else like it and STRONGLY recommend anyone to give it a try. It works on my acne, it gives moisture to my dry patches, and I even use on my arm where there is a spot of pigmentation. Wherever and however I use it this is working for me. I have told so many people to try this. My favorite face product by far.

Deon, Toronto-Canada

Hey. What a lovely serum...already such a difference in a week of using it. I use it before my Liz earle moisturizer and let it sink in for a few minutes first. I find it helps my moisturizer work even better! Impressed.

Samantha, Stockport

2/3 drops of this everynight and wow got such a glow the next morning and my skin feel softer smooth definitely a good investment thanks

Jenna, Dublin-Ireland

Hi. I have fair, dry skin which gets even more drier during the winter season. This is my third winter season that I"m using this product, I tend to purchase it before winter kicks in! It doesn"t disturb my acne prone and sensitive skin. It is long lasting and one bottle lasts me right through the season. I love it!

Hasina, Oxford

Excellent for unifying complexion and skin tone. Arrived quick. Well packed and with useful information about the brand/products.

Asma, Birmingham

I have seen good benefits from using this and only 2 drops at night before applying my moisturizer. The small lines under my eyes are less noticeable and I am very pleased how there is no afterfeel when it sinks in. You use so little that it ends up lasting for ages too. It is worth it.

Jolie, Toronto-Canada

An almost perfect serum. I have enjoyed using this face serum and it"s anti aging benefits. What I like: it has improved my skin texture and made my face more uniform. It also has given a glow that was not there before. What I don"t like: the fact that there"s no fragrance in this other than its own natural slightly floral fragrance. Apart from Clinique and a few other brands, most creams and serum contain fragrance. A nice rose scent for example would have been great in this and given that "Ahh" moment when you apply the product. As it stands, it"s just a "meh" moment, nothing scent-wise to look forward to. I hope this feedback is considered as it will help broaden the products appeal.

Bernice, Suffolk

My parcel got here in next to no time and after using the facial serum I’m happy to report my skin is much softer and clearer (I had fine lines and a bit of unevenness around the upper cheeks). I’ve also only been applying it for the last few weeks so that’s quite quick in my opinion. Great product.

Carla, Dublin-Ireland

Hello Divine Herbals. This serum is one of the best things I have used on my skin. I just use a drop or two before bedtime and wake up to glowing, fresher looking skin. I"m in my 50"s and starting to notice age making its presence felt, however this is slowly but certainly helping fight that. My skin is plumper, fine lines are less noticeable and my skin just looks overall better. people have noticed. It works. Thought I would write in and share my results. Thank you.

Marianna, Manchester-USA

This arrived quickly to my doorstep. It works. Its not expensive and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone with dark/stubborn pigmentation.

Negelde, London

Hi. I am a big fan of the serum and use it as a night treatment before bed. I use one drop sometimes a bit more. The serum is not oily even though it is a oil and my skin feels good after I have applied it. I have seen a difference in just one month (I bought it in February) and have recently placed an order for another bottle. Will stick to using this.

Adam, Glastonbury

The Face serum is very good. I am using on daily basis since past year and really happy to see unified complexion and less blemishes. I do not have any wrinkles so cannot comment on the anti-ageing action, but really so happy to see my skin looking this nice. It is a great product for all.

Aanjana, Mumbai-India

Loving the product itself but the dispenser could use an upgrade! If I forget to press lightly I get much more serum than I"m needing coming out of the nozzle. A stiffer dispenser pump perhaps? Other than that I just had to write in and tell you this product is astonishingly effective and worked amazingly on stubborn melasma on my forehead. I would not hesitate to purchase it again x

Leanne, Nashville-USA

A very good treatment for the face (and for neck too) and I also use it on the back of my hands. It has greatly improved my skin and slowly fading the marks that been bothering me for many years. My skin is GLOWING. I will purchase again.

Rashta, Slough

Hi. I am a beauty junkie who loves to try out new products all the time. In all honesty I was not too sure about this as compared to some of the other brands the serum is quite low in price and had not heard of it before, even though it"s been around since 2013. Funnily enough I have happened to use many of those astronomically priced products and I actually find this one works better than any of them. You won"t find hype, buzz etc about this brand because its like a well kept secret for those in the know. I have purchased several bottles of it now for friends & family here in the UAE. 10/10.

Safa, Dubai-UAE

I had read a lot about this from people"s own recommendations online and was compelled to try it for myself. It is a non-sticky slightly floral smelling serum-oil which is quite concentrated. It dissapears into my skin rapidly and for someone who is now in my late forties I am happy to report my skin is looking the best it has in many years. This is a must try product. But please press carefully on the serum top or you will waste product like i did the first time. I feel the serum packaging could be improved this is my only criticism :/

Giselle, Naples-Italy

Yes it has helped with certain skin complaints such as reducing the appearance of minor pock marks, helping with uneven skin tone around the chin, clearing blemishes and good face brightening effects including under eye circles. I have used pure rose hip oil before and though it helped with overall complexion it didn’t specifically target problem areas whereas this serum quite surprisingly has, it must be the combination of oils along with rose hip working synergistically like you’ve mentioned in product description. I’m really pleased with this product, has made me feel bit more confident about my skin and less reliant on make up.

Santhi, Birmingham

Hey all. I wasn"t able to find many review sites for this so I felt compelled to write in and tell you this serum is FANTASTIC. I have super-picky skin that hates whatever I put on it but for some reason it loves this! I purchased it twice now. Both times it arrived well packaged and in less than 6 days which is good considering how far this little bottle has to travel to get to me! I use a half pump which is enough for face, neck and even back of hands and I must tell you my skin looks glowing. The fine lines on my forehead are gone and the tiny bit of uneven tone on my cheeks is virtually vanished. The best part of it all is there are no chemicals in it, never have I been so happy to use something on my skin as I have this. Look forward to trying some of your other products too in the future. Keep up the good work!

Shaznay, Chicago - USA

Hi I use the face serum on a night right before bed and my skin looks so much better the next day when i awaken. it is one of those products that works straight away and does not bother my sensitiv skin even though most products do. Have been using it for years and will continue to do so. Give it enough time to work and you will see the difference. Love it.

Aileen, Lyon - France

Simply my favourite face serum, I have used it for over 4 years and it has definitely improved and faded my marks and keeps my skin looking very good. Sometimes in winter I will use a moisturizer on top of this but most times I don"t need one as the serum is moisturizing in itself. It is great how it sinks in so quickly. I would not use anything else now as my skin loves this.

Priya, Wolverhampton

Such a delight to use and so very hydrating that I do not find the need to use a moisturiser after. I just use the one drop (maximum two if my skin is feeling very dry) and let it sink in on a night time. My only criticism is the pump is dispensing too much liquid. I have to keep my finger tightly pressed against the nozzle when i push down otherwise i end up with too much product! But apart from that no issues whatsoever, my skin feels and looks better than it has in ages. For reference i have normal to dry, sensitive skin which usually cannot tolerate most products.

Tabitha, Nottingham

Hello. I have been using the divine face treatment serum from the start of this year and it is excellent as it got rid of the dark mark on my cheek which was always a very huge problem. I really recommend this serum if youhave any kind of marks on face or body.

Hatice, Paris-France

Another fantastic product from the herbals range. I’ve been meaning to write about this one or ages but just not getting around to it. I use just the tiniest drop on the area I need to (forehead) and let it work its magic overnight. Note: has alleviated hyper-pigmentation on my face.

Candice, Liverpool

hey there was a time when my skin looked dull and lifeless but using the facial serum has made a HUGE difference. If glowing, bright more unform complexion is what your looking for its here…in a bottle that wont cost the earth. stopped using my elemis night serum and cream after trying this. Cheaper, better and does both jobs in 1!

Sam, Essex

I’m sending this review for the face serum. I think its a really good product which has helped with a few marks left over from acne. 10/10 definitely.

Sarah, Dorset

Hi. I really like the face serum. It has helped a lot with marks and my skin is a lot smoother too. I am using every night just 2 drops. However I do find the pump lets too much product out and gets wasted. My way around this is to unscrew the lid and just dab a drop on from the base of the pump inside lid. Much easier. Otherwise a very good product and will recommend to others.

Huma, Leeds

Currently using the facial oil and hair oil. Been using these for almost 12 months and can see a massive difference. not just myself but others have noticed it too. Will keep purchasing and using these as i love the benefits of doing so.

Tina, Wembley

Hello. The facial Serum…an absolute steal for what it does. I have not noticed much on the nose to mouth (nasolabial) lines but then again what can, other than Restylane fillers? On fine lines and texture of skin though the results have far exceeded my expectations. Move aside Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair, this serum is the only thing I will be using every night from now on. Better results + much cheaper…not to mention totally chemical-free! Win-win.

Gene, Bradford

Very fast delivery and excellently packed. Woke up to a glowing complexion this morning (as though I’d had a facial done at my local salon), that’s after using a couple of drops of the Facial serum overnight. I haven’t tried any of the other products yet but if the results of this one are anything to go by then I’m in for a treat.

Rosemary, Oldbury

Hi Divine Herbal. I was having my eyebrows done at my local salon in Harrow when I noticed a poster for your Face serum. I asked the beautician if I could try some so she let me try a bit. It smelt nice and sunk into my skin really nicely so I purchased some. In the 4 months I’ve been using it there is a definite improvement in my skin tone and old acne marks. I would say the marks are 70% better if not more and the uneven tone is almost gone too. Love this product!!

Neelum, Wembley

Just writing to say a big thanks for fast delivery…also the facial serum is the best thing that i used for my dark circles. They are already improving and thats just in 4 days of use! Loving it.

Anna, Leeds

Heloo. A really nice product for my face (the serum) and the dark shadows under my eyes are clearing-up nicely.

Jemimah, Liverpool

Just a quick one to say how pleased i am with your hebral face treatment serum. Wow! In less than a week I am seeing a huge, big difference to my skin tone and post acne-marks. It is like i’ve been for a series of chemical peels…thats how good my skin looks and obviously without the side effects of peels or cost!! My skin has not looked this gud in YEARS! I like this product even more than your hair oil (which I loved & sent a testimonial for in november 2011) which is saying something!

Saima, Oldham

Hi there. I love the FACE SERUM. My skin is glowing and there is a difference in marks ans under-eye within 2 weeks of using. Its so true what they say that natural is best! Who could have guessed something made without chemicals can give results better than all the strong products out there. I had used: Palmers fade, L’oreal white perfect, lightenex, bleach creams, everything you name it! all the strong ones made my skin look ecen worse then before and did not give a healthy look or feel to my skin. Will definitely be recommending the serum to all my friends n fam.

Shahna, Harrow

Salon reviews

“We are selling Divine Herbal products for the last 4 years. I myself am using all the products aswell. The Facial Serum is very effective, it reduces pigmentation and rejuvenates your skin, we get so many positive responses from customers for the Facial Serum”

Sumita Arya
Elegance Hair Nails & Beauty
Wembley - Middlesex

“Super Tress hair extensions sell divine herbal products. My clients; mostly Afro-Caribbean skin type buy these products, especially the Facial serum and said the products are amazing; it works well on acne and also unifies pigmentation. I will highly recommend the divine herbal serum to every customer who wants to buy the product, it is worth it!"

Prisca Morse
Super Tress Hair Extensions
Nottingham - Nottinghamshire

“The Facial Serum has helped a lot of my clients with pigmentation concerns. I highly recommend the serum to my clients for pigmentation related problems on the skin!”

Anna Kabiry
Matrix Hair & Beauty
Wembley - Middlesex

“I myself have tried the Facial Serum on my face due to age spots, freckles and blemishes, after 2/3 weeks I noticed a difference”

Farha Hair & Beauty
Birmingham - West Midlands

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