Fortifying Shampoo
250ml/8.0 fl oz £17.99

Fortifying Shampoo

Cleanses whilst nourishing the hair

A fortifying shampoo without harsh or unnecessary chemicals, which helps to stimulate the hair follicles, whilst cleansing the hair thoroughly


  • Removes build-up 
  • Works to improve hair growth, condition & shine
  • 100% fragrance-free



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Customers reviews

Hey. I use this shampoo on a daily basis, loving it! Doesn"t strip my hair or cause it to dry out. This is just what i was looking for! Could be better value for money if the shampoo size was slightly bigger. x

Gina, York

After using the Devine Hair oil I use the shampoo about 2 squirts and after rinsing I use it a 2nd time. I do this every 2nd morning right after I use the oil and leave the oil in at night. After that I "press" my hair dry as I never rub the hair as that causes it to fall out even more. Its a good shampoo.

Andrew, Stockport

Recieved my Fortifying shampoo in the post in a good condition and I been using it for the last 2 weeks. I really like it because it does not dry my hair out or cause it to fall like other shampoos I was using which was too harsh.

Shona, Hampshire

Lovely shampoo, doesnt iritate and is actually giving me some new hair growth! A little outside my normal budget for shampoos but pleased I invested in this as the results are worth the price. Recommended.

Cassandra, Inverness

I would say this is a good shampoo if you dont have seborrheic dermatitis as I discovered it is a condition that needs medicated shampoo. As I have SD it wasn"t the right shampoo for me. I gave to my sister who has a normal scalp and she tells me it works really well for her. I think once I have my Sd under control I will give it another try.

Miriam, Manchester

Very impressed with this hsampoo. It has no fragrance in it or anything harsh. Since using this I am finding less hair in the drain and that my hair is also healthier. I use it three times a week. I strongly recomend it.

Jo, Shropshire

Hello...really like the divine herbals shampoo its natural and makes my hair conditions better. I like all the products I try and recomend your products to other people. Thank you.

Olga, London

Excellent shampoo I love the quality and the way my hair feels after using it. Was quick to arrive too.

Matthew, Newcastle

Hi! I found the shampoo very useful as it doesn"t leave any residue of the oil that i use at night (divine herbal hair oil) and it washes it out nicely plus leaves my hair shiny and manageable. It doesn"t foam as much as Im used to but no problem there as the results are very good and it"s completely natural too!

Geeta, Dubai-UAE

I only wash my hair once or t most 2 x in a week. before applying any conditioner I am using the divine shampoo twice and rinsing out it is non-drying and making my hair softer. I like this product.

Lailai, Manchester

Cleanses very well without stripping hair. I find this good for washing out the Hair oil with.

Karan, Swansea

Hi. The fortifying shampoo is mild but does the trick. Most sulfate-free shampoos don’t clean properly but I find this one does. I wash my hair twice a week and I use this before using a couple of drops of the divine hair repair or the hair oil to condition my hair with. 10/10.

Samantha, Croydon

Salon reviews

“I recommend with the Hair Oil to use this shampoo as well because this is Sodium Chloride and chemical free which is why it gives you good results for hair loss and helps to strengthen hair. Stops the hair from falling. Excellent product”

Sumita Arya
Elegance Hair Nails & Beauty
Wembley - Middlesex

“I’ve been stocking Divine Herbal since trying the products back in 2013. My clients love all the products, especially the Shampoo which is very good at removing oil residue left after using the Hair oil or Boosting treatment”

Saleha Faruk
Sal's Skin & Bodycare Centre
Leicester - Leicestershire

“Divine Herbal Shampoo cleanses the scalp and moisturizes too. For this reason I highly recommend this for clients who have scalp problems. I have been selling Divine herbal products in my salon for over 5 years”

Anna Kabiry
Matrix Hair & Beauty
Wembley - Middlesex

“We stock a full range of Divine Herbal products. They have been amazing and widely successful with my customers, especially the Hair Oil and Shampoo. Both myself and my staff have used the products too. The Shampoo feels very natural and does not dry the hair out like normal shampoos can. It is also good for combatting hair loss”

Su Nira's Hair & Beauty
Greenford - Middlesex

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I want thicker hair and to prevent hair loss
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How does Divine Herbal work?

Our products combine natures own remedies and cures.

We have developed a range of products that tackle hair thinning and hair loss for scalp, eye lashes and eyebrows. We have also applied our skills to developing a facial serum that uses natural ingredients to tackle the various signs of skin ageing and damage – such as acne scarring and dark circles, as well as fine lines and uneven skin tone. In all our products we use natures' “well known” secrets. We combine the finest oils and extracts from countries across the world. Most of all, our products deliver real results.