Privacy Statement

Divine Herbal recognises the importance of privacy and security to persons accessing the Divine Herbal UK web site. For your reassurance, please read the following summary of our privacy and security policy.

For those who submit a form, Divine Herbal records your personal details, e-mail address and selections on its database held on an off-line server. Due diligence is taken to ensure that this information can only be accessed by Divine Herbal staff, and is only used to send the information requested. Divine Herbal is registered under the terms of the United Kingdom's Data Protection Act 1998, which limits Divine Herbal use of the personal data collected. 

Divine Herbal does not share your personal information with any third parties, other than the third party software necessary for Divine Herbal's own email marketing purposes, which can be unsubscribed from at any time. We reserve the right to share details of customer communications and payment details, if requested by a financial authority, such as in the instance of a payment dispute or legal matter. Divine Herbal will never sell your data to a third party. 

Divine Herbal will endeavour to respond promptly to any persons expressing concern about its privacy and security provisions, and to take appropriate action should these concerns be acknowledged by Divine Herbal.

Which Divine Herbal product is right for me?

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I want thicker hair and to prevent hair loss
I want to boost hair regrowth
I want to condition and repair damaged hair/split ends
I want to grow and thicken eyebrows
I want to strengthen and lengthen eyelashes
I want to fight the appearance of aging & uneven skin tone
I want to relieve aches & pains
I want a shampoo without Sulfates/SLS
I want a discounted 3-month beauty package
A sample of the Divine Herbal product range

How does Divine Herbal work?

Our products combine natures own remedies and cures.

We have developed a range of products that tackle hair thinning and hair loss for scalp, eye lashes and eyebrows. We have also applied our skills to developing a facial serum that uses natural ingredients to tackle the various signs of skin ageing and damage – such as acne scarring and dark circles, as well as fine lines and uneven skin tone. In all our products we use natures' “well known” secrets. We combine the finest oils and extracts from countries across the world. Most of all, our products deliver real results.