100ml/3.3 fl oz £26.99


Helps to relieve aches and sprains

A natural, 100% chemical-free alternative to 'over the counter' remedies, for fast and soothing topical pain relief

  •  Helps relieve aching and stressed joints
  • Reduces inflammation and tension
  • Promotes muscle relaxation



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Customers reviews

Fab product. Quick delivery, no complaints!

Elyse, North Yorkshire

I have had my bottle for about two years now I think and I use it when I need to which is not very often so its lasting well. It has helped me a lot.

Jonah, Dartford

Hello. A tad pricey but a little goes along way. On my 3rd bottle now. I start by warming the oil in my hand for a while before I apply it to where I need, in my case my right shoulder which has been giving me problems for years. The effect doesn"t last that long and I have to reaply the oil, but I prefer using it as compared to "the alternative" from the chemist! Ironically it was a chemist that got me on to this oil in the first place!

Carrie, Lincolnshire

I find the smell is overpowering but maybe it is just personal preference as nobody else seems to notice it! My order was here in no time and well packed. Most importantly the oil has helped whenever I apply it to my knee which has been a problem for the last 2 years. I have not used much so I am hopeful the oil will last me some time.

Mohammad, Leicestershire

Hi. I have used it - the divine relief just the once and I felt better. I would say is worth trying it for yourself

Kelly, Portsmouth

I bought this for my brother. He swears by it for his problem elbow. Recommended.

Syed, Manchester

Good day. Since relocating to a year-round hot climate I have felt a difference in my arthritis. On the odd days when it still causes pain, I use the Divinerelief. It is a very concentrated product so you must not use too much of it otherwise it will just be wasted. The product makes a difference in a matter of minutes and lasts for a couple of hours before I find I need to apply it again. Really pleased to have come across it. Thank you for this product.

Benjamin , Bangkok-Thailand

The salon which i normally visit for my eyebrow threading in leicester called Aesthetics salon told me to try this for my knee pain and i gave it a go as they had a tester bottle to try. I felt a difference and decided i will buy a bottle of it for myself. i am using it on a daily basis and is very good.

Shams, Leicester

Hi. The "divine relief" is working so well on soreness in bicep and tricep muscles, very very effective. I using it just a 5 or 6 drops when I shower and come home from the gym. I feel the soreness just goes in minutes. I use this each time I go to the gym. It is very good.

Murat, London

Hello...I thought I would send a message and let you know your oil for pain relief is very effective and I have been using it on & off since the last several months. I generally use it on my lower and middle back but you must use only a bit as it is strong stuff and can be irritating if overused. Definitely suggest to try it, and go easy for sure.

Isbah, Gravesend

reduces the sore muscles i get when been to gym works very well actually. 10 out of 10!

Maricha, London

Hi. The Divine relief helps to reduce some of my shoulder pain which is persistant since a boating accident I had in 2011. I massage a few drops in. The effect is only temporary but it is a relief and good to know it is not chemicals being absorbed by my body. A good alternative for those who dislike conventional painkillers.

Jonathan, Hull

I use just three or four drops onto my back and I can get a few hours restful sleep on a night it helps lessen the pain in my lower back for a bit which is troubling me from many years

Anna, Newport

Due to old age wear and tear I sometimes get painful shoulders (more on left side) and find small tasks difficult. My granddaughter saw this on the internet and bought me some to try. I have to say it is marvelous...the smell, the effect of the oil on my shoulder. I use this and I"m all sorted for a good few hours. I much prefer using this to taking Paracetamol and the likes.

Ruth, Hartlepool

Hi. The divinerelief is a very good product that works effectively for me and delivery was fast too. Thankyou so much.

Saidnoor, Birmingham

I have rheumatoid arthritis (I got it ealrly since in my mid 20s). When it flars up I take painkillers in the morning before setting off for work. I ordered the divinerelief on Monday this week and have just tried it for the last couple of days. It is amazing! The pain relief is almost instantly gone and it stays that way for several hours at least. I then apply a second time before going to bed and can sleep peacefully This is the first product ive used by the company and I can 100% recommend it to anyone with pains.

Carrie, St Albans

Salon reviews

We have been selling Divine Herbal products for over 6 years now. Recently one of my staff members used the Divinerelief product for her own pain. Because she had such good results she has started selling to friends/family and also her own clients at the salon.

Zahra Pirbhai
Aesthetics Hair & Beauty
Leicester - Leicestershire

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